My name is Joan Akob and I’m a Cameroonian currently living in South Africa. I am a child of God, before I am anything else. I don’t believe titles qualify me, rather my relationship with God is what matters most, and what sets me apart. I was Crowned Miss Cameroon South Africa 2016 and was blessed with the opportunity to speak on the well known TEDx platform! I still can’t believe it really happened. Here is a link to my TEDx talk ” The Secret to Social Cohesion Lies in Your Perception”.

As a child, I often battled to express myself in speech, hence I spent alot of time writing notes, dairy entries and letters to myself. Writing became such a deep passion and kind of an escape when ever I needed to bring out what was within me to the understanding of people. After experiencing certain deep trials in my youth, I’ve come to realize that a good spoken or written word can bring healing, encouragement and hope in the midst of life’s struggles. Hence I decided to spread positivity through my words both online and offline.

I’ve also realized that there is a lot of negativity & comparison on social media. Alot of distractions which make it difficult to live a Godly life in our time.  I see alot of people burdened with challenges and strive and alot more searching for a real “Life”, not just going through the motions. I myself find life to be just difficult at times. And as a young woman seeking to grow in all dimensions, and in my relationship with God, I decided to create a platform where I can encourage others as I encourage myself and enable growth for not just others, but for myself too. I want to start a movement where we inspire each other in love, where we can truly be led by the spirit, and not by the standards of this world. The Curly Christian Girl is a movement.