The moment I held that mike and opened my mouth, a testimony was born. You see, I was not always outspoken and ready to fire an answer in front of over 400 people. I was more the silent observer, the one who always had a lot to say but kept quiet, never making my opinions heard. In fact, I expressed myself best when I wrote. However, I did transform into a confident and fearless  young woman, not intimidated by challenges. I thank God I’ve found my voice and my hope is for my sisters who share my story, to find their voices too! This blog is dedicated to the young women out there who are finding their voices in society.

I realised that there is a lot of negativity & comparison on social media. Not just that, but in every day life aswell. I see alot of people burdened with challenges and strive. I myself find life to be just difficult at times. And as a young woman seeking to grow in all dimensions, I decided to create a platform where I can spread positivity and enable growth for not just others, but for myself too. I want to start a movement where women inspire women and girls have role models. The Curly Christian Girl is a movement .

Let’s build a world of confident and intelligent women right? My name is Joan Akob and I’m a Cameroonian currently living in South Africa, pursuing a Masters Degree in Dietetics. Crowned Miss Cameroon South Africa 2016, Advocate for Social Justice, TEDx Speaker for the first TEDx event at the University of KwaZulu Natal. Child of God, saved, washed in his blood and living for Jesus! Welcome to The Curly Christian Girl!