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How To Generate Higher Blog Traffic Using Pinterest | The Simple Way

I used to be one of those people who only used Pinterest to get outfit inspiration once in a while. I never thought much of it, in terms of generating blog traffic, perhaps because I never quite got major traffic from there for a long time. But things changed drastically this year when I made a few simple changes to how I use my Pinterest account and the types of images I actually pin.


Last year it took me 74 blog posts and 12 months to get to 9k views. But this year it took me 13 blog posts and 5 months to get to 10k views! Imagine? Pinterest contributed ALOT to this spike!


This is going to be a really quick “un-technical” post, which I hope is helpful, because my desire is that we learn and grow together. Please do ask me any questions or experience you may have too, cause I also want to learn more.

1. Switch To An Analytics Pinterest Page

Pinterest gives you this option, FOR FREE. It allows you to see your stats, which will enable you to know what sort of pins generate more impressions. It also allows you to view the demographics of people who view your page. This has helped me a lot, because now I don’t just pin aimlessly, but I pin knowing exactly what people are interested in seeing on my page.


2. Pin All Images From Your Blog Posts To Specified Boards

I have boards that contain images from my blog posts, mixed with other nice photos I find on Pinterest, to give an aesthetically pleasing account. For example, my “Protective Hairstyles Board” has images from every blog post I’ve done, with African women in a protective hairstyle.


So someone may see this hairstyle below for example, and end up clicking to read my post on “My favourite things about 2018“, where the image was shared from hoping to see more hairstyle pictures.


Even though in the post I was infact talking about my love for her plum lipstick 😂. Nothing to do with the hairstyle. You see the trick? And I always credit every single image I post from Instagram like this one.

Another example, I have a board for Christian quotes, but I also pin all the quotes from my Christian blog posts in that board.


So someone may see my pinned image with bible verses about drinking alcohol and end up clicking to read my post relating to this. So personally I think a mixed board with your stuff and other stuff you come across is more interesting. As opposed to just blog blog blog stuff. That may just seem boring. People want variety! Then if you want you can create a separate board strictly for your blog post ideas, lifestyle, and other blog related stuff. For example,


3. Create Your Own Quotes & Images

This is the most IMPORTANT thing of all! I noticed that the images I created myself, generated much higher impressions as opposed to images that I just copied from Pinterest/Google, uploaded on my blog, then re-pinned on Pinterest.

Copied Or Re-pinned Images


What I want you to notice here is that there is very little to no interaction on copied images. You will see the difference with the image below.

Original images


Can you see that the interaction is much higher? I create all my quotes and featured images using Canva. Canva is online and also on google play. It has thousands of templates for posters, quotes and etcs for free! So I noticed that these kinds of images get more re-pins and more redirections to my blog. This is the featured image I created using Canvas in my previous blog post.


So please don’t just do a direct copy and paste from Pinterest, create your own! Screen shot images from Instagram actually also obtain high impressions. Perhaps cause Pinterest picks up these images as “original” since they were not directly copied from Pinterest or google images.

4. Captivating Blog Titles

Imagine this, you have a blog post with 9 images, which you eventually Pin. That’s 9 chances you’re giving viewers to be redirected to your blog. Your pin is what will first grab their attention, then they’ll check the title to see if it’s worth reading. If it’s a lame title, they’ll just carry unto the next pin and not bother about reading the full post. In the screenshot below, please notice that the least impressions is for a copied picture with no title! I shared the other pictures from my blog hence the titles remained.


5. Pin Regularly

You don’t have to pin only blog post images. That gets boring! Which is why my boards are a mixture of my blog posts and other images I love. This way you can keep people aware that you’re consistent. Atleast once a week is fine. I personally don’t follow boards that say ‘last pinned 7 months ago’. So people will more likely take your pins seriously if you’re consistent. They’ll come back to your page, Repin your pins which equals more blog traffic. Yay! 😊

6. Followers Don’t Matter!


I only have 184 followers on Pinterest. But because of the tips I’ve explained above, I’m able to get high impressions and directions to the blog. So if you don’t have followers, don’t stress. When one searches for an interest e.g “Yoga”, Pinterest will give all the pins with the topic ” Yoga” not based on who has more followers. Then the pin “Is Yoga Demonic?”, will also pop up… And BAM, that’s how someone will click to read. So focus on quality of pins, not quantity of followers.

This is probably the shortest post I have written in the history of this blog 😂. But honestly Pinterest has contributed a lot to my traffic this year and I just had to share with you all! It’s only fair. This is a screenshot of the pages that get redirected to my blog this year. You can see Pinterest is the second.


So if you have time to be more intentional about this app, it will really make a difference!

💞 Meanwhile, winter is seriously dealing with me in Johannesburg 😭. Your girl is no longer sure if she can survive in the abroad. I must adapt to this weather by fire by force!

Joan 😂

Quick post update. So 2 days after this post was published, my Pinterest monthly viewers went up from 150k to 250k…IN TWO DAYS! Imagine 😱. So I really do hope you try the tips above. That’s all I’m doing, nothing extra. Thanks for all your contributions in the comments! 😊

💞 Joan


34 thoughts on “How To Generate Higher Blog Traffic Using Pinterest | The Simple Way


    You know everytime I see your snaps about your blog posts,I make a note to check it out but never got around to doing it. Well i took some time and cleaned yp my pinterest because in the past it just confused me but now i think i get it. I cleaned up my boards and hopefully that will help. I mean instagrams algorithms had really done us in so pinterest it is. . .the original instagram. Hopefully i can get the hang of it . Let me explore some more on your blog. This was super helpful.

    Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yayyyyyyyyyy! Look who’s here! omg this is awesome Mvumi. A good looking pinterest account really goes a long way, so that’s step one complete. The things we do as bloggers though, we’d make great marketers. Forever trying to figure out the best way to get our content out there. It’s good though and I do hope you notice a difference in due time! I’m so glad you made it here. haha…xo


  2. Very informative Joan. You know, I opened a Pinterest account one time and started pinning some images from my blog posts. I really couldn’t get the hang about Pinterest plus I forgot my password as the app on my phone kept requesting my log in so I abandoned it. Lol

    I’ve heard somuch about Pinterest and even though I’m still a bit confused about it, I guess it’s worth a try.
    You did a good job sharing. Kudos!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Jess! You’re welcome!! Pinterest is a little like twitter. the first time you try to use it, it makes no sense and just seems abit too odd. Then you abandon it and forget your password, like I also did. haha…But once you return and use it some more, you would find that it’s actually fun. Thank you and I hope you’ll enjoy it a little better


    1. Hey Girllllll!! 😁…aww thanks so much! I still have much to learn too. Of cause you can email me. No problem at all 🙌🙌… Via the contact tab on the blog. It pretty much is my email box. 😊

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Hello there,
    Thanks so much for sharing! I am currently struggle with Pinterest as I just started – so, should I post all pictures from my post as you described? I’m currently pinning one per post as I design it with Canva. I followed you 😍
    I blog over at giving practical advice on Fashion
    Let’s keep in touch

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Andrada! I’m so glad it was helpful. You widen your chances of getting traffic back to your blog, the more quality images you share from your blog posts. So pinning each item from your posts does help. 😊…Canva is honestly just too awesome! Thanks so much 💞💞 xo

      Liked by 1 person

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