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It has been so long since I last did a proper lifestyle post. Infact, the last one I did was last year! This year the heat was turned up on the kinds of topics discussed on the blog. I had expected this, but God completely blew my mind with the kind of revelation He trusted me with to write these really controversial posts. My personal favourites are: –


Today I thought it’ll be cool to share with you all my favourite things so far this year, especially since we’re almost half way through the year! Kind of like a recap. I have way too many favourite things so please sit down for this one! And please tell me if you also fancy anything on my long list, so that we can become friends.


I think I just like the simplicity and edginess of the wavy and sleek bobs. I have never put on a lace wig or closures, so it’ll be interesting to see what this looks like on me. I mostly just do braids or cornrows. The last time I put on a sew in was in 2013, so I honestly do not know what this will look like but I’m keen to try 😊.

Wavy bob

Nancie Mwai

Sleek bob

Kamo Modisakeng 

Sleek bun 

Ijeoma  Kola

I’ve been trying to find an appropriate graduation hairstyle forever, and at last! Ijeoma is so good with styling her hair 😍. My natural hair is long enough to take back, but I will need to add extensions for the full volume effect.

Natural Hair  Pieces

My favourite way to get away from styling my hair 😂. When you have thick natural hair like mine, you honestly get tired of combing and styling all the time. I used to make my own kinky wigs back in uni, but I haven’t made any in quite a while. I just love this unit on Thonia Bankz. The hair piece is from Natural Hair Rocks. I’m honestly on the lookout for a hair piece like this right now somewhere close by in Johannesburg.

And can we just take a moment to appreciate Sharon Ooja‘s glow up in the past year. I’m so happy when I see women arise and live their best life as they work hard to make it. Also love her hair piece here from Hikky’s Hair. My birthday is coming up oooo so if the spirit of gifting touches you just yield in obedience 😂.


I’m steadily trying to learn this makeup thing guys😂. I’m not one of those anti make up people abeg. I just don’t like over over overrrr painting of face in layers 😰.


Awww who is this fine gehhh? Your one and only Joan Akob 😂. Currently loving this dark plum shade. It was my first time really trying colour on my lips. I’d only ever been putting on nude shades and Vaseline 😊.

Here’s my twin, atangandthensome in a similar shade of deep plum. You should checkout her Christian YouTube channel 💞

This light pink lipstick below is my other favourite shade. It’s the shade I’ve been using my whole life though. My mum said it’s her favourite 😝.



I honestly never cared much for manicures and stuff. But perhaps that’s because I never had the money to do them 😂. Now that your Curly Christian Girl has started working and money don come, she went and got her nails done this month and has booked the next appointment 😂. Now I’ve been converted. I still love keeping things as simple as possible, so my favourite shade is nude or as close to my natural nail colour as possible. My aim is to use manicures to grow my natural nails because they’re so damaged from nail biting all my life 😭.


Landiwe GamaSarah Diallo


Checkered pieces

I’m here for this! Because of the retro formal vibes it gives off. Whether it’s a suit, trousers, skirt or jacket, checkered pieces can be paired with anything really.

jtofashion x thequeenxbee


I think I will thrift this checkered jacket though cause I like the old school vibe, plus it’ll be perfect for work and this freezing winter in Johannesburg.

Nonkululeko Mthimkulu  x thatcoffeebeangirl 

Mihlali Ndamase 

Winter vibes

I remember the first day we landed in South Africa – August 2007. Johannesburg was borderline 0°C guys😌. Like my first winter experience was dreadful, after coming from a hot tropical nation! So from then till now, I don’t joke with my winter wear.



Keeping warm and stylish is made easy by gorgeous coats, scarfs and boots. This is why I love winter so much. Creativity in fashion comes alive and people don’t have a choice but to be covered up 😂.

Lerato Kgamanyane 

One can also style up coats & jackets formally or keep it retro. Retro always has my heart 💞.

neemanouse  x Palesa Kgasane 

I need to get my hands on a black leather jacket one of these days though. It should be a winter stable cause they’re so versatile!

Sharon Ooja x Ayanda Thabethe 



Muslim fashion bloggers

I must say, I have so much respect for Muslim fashion bloggers. I probably follow more Muslim fashion bloggers than mainstream bloggers on Instagram. Shout out to Zaynab!.


I love how they pull off gorgeous looks, while respecting the dress code of their religion. Honestly it’s refreshing to see consistent modest slays on my Instagram timeline. Main stream fashion bloggers are not always this consistent.



Not everyday Nyash out, boobs out, bumbum, cleavage, EVERYTHING. People do the absolute most to get likes on Instagram 😂. x brinney

But these influencers proof that you don’t have to have everything out to be stylish or appealing to brands. I know everyone has their own sense of style so I’m not judging anyone ooo. Just writing what I’m personally loving and moving along swiftly 😂.



Earrings – Tassel

When I first saw tassel earrings in stores I honestly didn’t like them. I thought they looked like curtain holders or something 😂. Like someone was making curtains and had left over tassel, so they just made earrings.


But with time they grew on me and I actually love them now. I love that they’re in sooo many different colours and shapes and just add such elegance to a look 💞.

thedailyseyi x siobhanzoe 



Eye wear

Fierce is all I have to say! I don’t know who sits and decides on all these trends but this year I’m just loving these cat eye, sun shades.

lulamawolf  x fikile.k

Thonia Bankz  has such a dope collection of shades too! I saw her share her eye wear shop on Instagram before, so I’d recommend that you guys check her page out, if you’ll love to buy a pair 😊.

It’s like fashion keeps going around in circles. Futuristic style is really just vintage reinvented. The shades our parents used to wear are back and we’re loving them!



And who is this familiar looking stunner below? She looks like my twin 😂. I had to get these cat eyes! Not even cause it’s a trend cause I don’t really follow trends, but more cause it’s really me. I love anything interesting looking with a vintage vibe and this was just it!

Head wraps

I’m loving this probably because my hair has been in head wraps a lot lately😂. Notice I’ve never really done a natural hair post? That’s cause I rarely manipulate my hair alot. I just don’t have the time. So I just wrap it up and head out. Easy, neat and classy.

findingpaola x the_odditty



So my two favourite weddings so far this year 🙌

Zainab Balogun

If she wanted to make a huge noise and display of her traditional marriage, she could’ve. I mean she’s already in the lime light daily. But she kept it so on the down low! Like I just loved how her and her husband kept their relationship private, uptill thier wedding.

It was even her friends who started sharing photos of her traditional marriage, before the internet caught up that she was getting married. Till this day, she does not have a single picture of her wedding on her Instagram. The following days she just posted work photos as normal, as if nothing happened 😂. Love it. Let people mind their business.

My favourite look at her wedding was Bolanle‘s. Her make-up was just fire! Make-up artistry is a talent guys 🙌.

The Duchess of Sussex

Yes yes yes, I am part of the organization that loved the Royal wedding. How could you not? This world has too many problems already. So once in a while it’s heart warming to see love being celebrated worldwide. If you hated the royal wedding, then you are a jealous and bitter person😂. Come and beat me, I said it.

My favourite outfit was Alma Clooney’s. The colour, the class, the design 💞. Somebody should invite me for a wedding please😭. I have so many dresses to design and they shall not be wasted!


I’ve always loved interior design, but never quite knew any Africans doing it on a large scale that I could learn from. Until I came across Tracy Obiageli on an interior design reality TV show on YouTube. Her work is amazing! Her interior design company is called  Interior Culture by Obiageli.


Seeing her work really inspires me to maintain my love for interior deco, and keep my dream alive to someday own my own interior design consultancy.

Checkout her interior design page on Instagram if you’re into interiors like me 💞.


I love the vibrancy, neatness and finishing of her work 🙌.



My family came to South Africa

My older sister, Faith and my dad came to spend some time in South Africa after so many years! It was so great to have them here 💞. I captured this moment when my kid sis, Elma first saw Faith. How cute? . I’m the middle one 😊. Forever behind the camera.


I traveled with them around Johannesburg, Pretoria and KwaZulu-Natal to visit all the family friends we made while they were still here.



When we’re together, there’s no such thing as boredom. We live for moments like these, because we live in three different places all together. Reunions will never get old.

Capetown on my mind

Can you imagine that for my 10years in South Africa, I’ve never been to Capetown? 😭. My family settled in Durban, and through out our time here we only travelled within KwaZulu-Natal, Pretoria and Johannesburg. Also there was so much going on with school that I just never got to go there. I was also a on a student budget all through university, so there was no way I could afford to go there. But now guess who’s making plans to go down there soon?

I’m saving up to hopefully spend my next leave down there by God’s grace. I really hope I get to go, so that I can finally experience this incredibly beautiful place, and catch up with my friendieeeee Shamila, who is down there. I call her Milettos 😋.



And finally! God has been so amazing since I published my first post on this blog. I stand amazed. Thank you for sticking with me & growing together in the love of God, people and this crazy life. Didn’t expect this sort of blog growth in just a year. I’m so grateful 😊

If you made it to the end of my long list then, you my dear, deserve such a warm hug from me. Here’s to an amazing second half of the year!🍷

🌹 Joan


10 thoughts on “What I’m Loving In 2018 Thus Far 💞 . Interior Deco | Style | Weddings | Beauty | Travel

  1. I totally agree with you on the part about Muslim fashion bloggers. Gorgeous – every single one I’ve seen on social media.

    Oh, and Zainab’s wedding as well. She slayed me with how hush-hush everything was. ‘Low-key and privacy goals’ for days! Lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They exude such confidence in their modesty. it’s admirable for sure! I’m so keen on being as low key as Zainab was though. No fuss, no 100 photos released, like I just loved it!


  2. Ah ah. Allow other children to show nyash Joan. 😂😂 lol . I enjoyed this post. Its a great way to tally up all the good things happening around u an kinda lift your spirits. Plz, do the most when you get to cape town. Pictures abeg so i can live vicariously through you

    Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😂😂😂 Show nyash? Neverrrrrrrrrrr. Haha I’m kidding. I intend to do the absolute most! I will do well to share my adventures when the time comes 💃🙌🙌🙌… Thank you! xoxo


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