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27 Braid and Cornrow Hairstyle Ideas | Featuring African Beauty Influencers 

May I just say, black girls are absolutely winning lately! I mean these days when I scroll through my Instagram and Twitter, I’m forever clapping at the level of slayration. It’s great to see so much love being spread by black girls to other black girls. It used to seem like we were always in competition, talking each other down and trying to have solo Sunshine’s. But now it’s more a movement of unity in growth in all aspects from beauty, career, family life and faith. So today I’d love to share one aspect of this – Beauty.

There are so many hair trends I’m loving at the moment, which is what inspired this post. Scroll through and make your pick for your next hairstyle🙌! Let’s begin 😄

1. The middle part half braid

Asiyami Gold is just golden. This hairstyle is just so sleek and classy! I put it up first cause this is what I want to do when I return home this December. Here’s a more complex but equally classy pattern on Ayanda Thabethe

Beads are also back from the past! Anyone remember doing these when they were younger? Now it’s a trend😂. Fashion does repeat itself – @teannaempowers

2. The middle cornrow and braids

Another trend I’m also loving, although every girl has it on campus now, so I’m just going to wait it out😂. Lovely styles to get inspiration from by @Kersti.pitre , @mrsivorycoast and @leonegoddess .

Do check out @Kersti.pitre ‘s Instagram page for loads of cornrow pattern inspiration

3. Jumbo twists/braids

This one is a classic and I’m so thankful that they’re now producing crochet twists and braids, like the one @t2pitchy ( Grace Alex ) has on. So instead of taking 6hrs to sit down and do your hair, it only takes like 1hr. 

I think jumbo braids give such an edgy baddie look. Loving the style on @nan_deep and @mbayang_diouf

4. Bob braids

If you don’t want to go long, you can always go short. Last year every second girl on campus had this jumbo bob braid style but I decided to only do it once I was back in Cameroon😂. I still love it though. @foreverrachelx 

Your Geeee! @joanakob

5. Wigs

Something I wish I owned. It’ll save me so much time and energy! But I’ve got some goodnews if you’re looking to buy a wig like the ones you see below.

So above you see @Kiitana and below we have @Ronkeraji both rocking these micro twist wigs. They both got it from @anneeliserealhair . So if you’re keen on getting a braid or twist wig, check out thier Instagram account and see what they have! With this free publicity they should send me a hair piece oooo.

Zara is such a comedic Youtuber and has an awesome personality🙌. Again I’m crushing on the twist wig😭. Definitely something I’m going to save up towards. 

6. Half Up, Half Down

Another really edgy style. I mean how can one ever get bored with their hair? There is just so much we can do with African hair (provided you have the money😂) – The creative inspiration is up to you. 

You can show your personality through your hairstyle – @Ronkeraji , @nae2curly 

7. Super long braids

I’m currently rallying up the energy to do these long braids for myself. I’ll share a picture once I eventually get them done. But for now, I’m eyeing these braids on @bubuogisi , @grace.maleka and @fatou_amina

And ofcause, Aunti Asiyami, forever showing us how it’s done🙌. 

8. Side cornrow with braids 

Again, do check out @Kersti.pitre ‘s Instagram account for loads of cornrow pattern ideas.

It’s just so neat, prim and proper. A great hairstyle to do if you’re a worker actually (Thinking out loud).

9. Dare to freestyle

Would you ever? Can I dare you? Or would you dare yourself? How sway is this hairstyle on @jessicapettway . Certainly not for the conventional, but I think we all have moments when we just want to do something fun and spontaneous!

More free styling from @ayandathabethe . Create your own cornrow pattern and be unique! ( Praying your hairstylist does it right!)

Hairstylists, please treat us right oooo. We trust you. Imagine a situation like the one below, where the hairstylist promises you one thing and it ends up looking completely NOT like what you wanted😥.

10. Bantu Braids

Forgive my Snapchat filter, but just a quick share of my Bantu braids. It took like 2 hours in total to do. I’ve had it now for about 2 weeks. 

Alright, enough of my amateur snaps. Over to the professional @Kersti.pitre . Bantu braids are really quick to do. The only disadvantage is that you can’t keep them for too long.

Let me end with this hairstyle for any extra spunky person! It’s simple, playful and unique 🙌.

Actually no, one more! Let me sneak in a picture of Miracle (From The Purple Grace blog) , rocking her beaded cornrow/braids 😎. I see you! 

It’s been a while since I did a hairstyle inspiration post, so this was fun to do and hopefully fun to scroll through 😄
🌹 Joan. 


19 thoughts on “27 Braid and Cornrow Hairstyle Ideas | Featuring African Beauty Influencers 

  1. Sooo many ideas, and yet, I’ll probably end up sticking to my usual: weave, or ‘bob marley’ style individual braids. *sigh* Nah nah, I must challenge myself! I must try something new!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. First off, your blog is dope and all shades of lit 🔥 🔥 🔥
    I’ve just been reading from post to post. You’re doing a fantastic job. Lovely post here BTW. I was thinking about installing braids recently and this post gave me the perfect image of what I want.
    PS:I think you’re really pretty. Melanin goodness.
    Keep up the great work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Tokoni! What name would you prefer I call you by? Thanks sooo much for your kind words! I was like doing a mini victory dance as I read. I’m glad you’ve got that image! Now be sure to only let a trusted hairstylist do it🙌. 😊🌹


      1. Teekay will do. Everybody calls me that. About the hairdo. I have a braid specialist that has been making my hair for almost 10 yrs Now. I trust her with my hair any day.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Alright Teekay😊🙌.That’s so great! I also had a trusted hairstylist till I moved to South Africa and it was just down hill hair experiences, so I had to learn how to do my own hair. 😅


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