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5 Simple Fun Ways to Create Income as a Student

Whether it is a young man selling apples on the streets of Bamenda Cameroon, or a young lady offering high end make up services to ladies in Lagos Nigeria, making an income from a side hustle is something most students attempt at least once in their university days. 

Most of the time, our side hustles are things we enjoy doing without much effort on our part. However, sometimes we don’t realise that this particular skill could be turned into something that can generate income. Personally, I was not a very business oriented person when I started university. But soon discovered things I enjoyed doing and plunged myself into hustling when I had the time. We all have different things we enjoy doing, so I will share 5 out of a possible hundred fun ways to make some extra pocket money. 

Make up artistry has become intensely popular in our time, thanks to social media. Without it, I doubt trends will spread as fast as they do, from the fleek eyebrows to the current cheekbone highlights. When I used to watch YouTube make-up tutorials, my two favourite youtubers were Chloe Kitembo and Toni Olaoye

However, there is some negativity attached to make up artists at times, or slay queens, saying they are doing too much – hiding their natural beauty. I do believe some go over board and you can’t even recognise them anymore, but for the most part, I appreciate the art, cause honestly it’s amazing.

My favourite make up artists on Instagram, who do it for pay and not just as a hobby are Comfort Udofia / @lacici_  and my cousin Quinivette Mbanwi / @glamourfaces. Do check out their accounts for inspiration!

I’m not the greatest when it comes to doing makeup. infact I only started wearing makeup like 4 years ago, so I mostly end on foundation level 😂. Foundation level, get it?😂. 

This is me doing the most 😬. But I really want to learn how to do makeup like a pro. I think its a skill that I could really use to make some extra income, especially in our glamorous generation.

Now we’re talking my language! Firstly, learning how to do hair is not as hard as you may think. Once you give yourself a little time to learn, before you know it, you’ll be a pro. Checkout Freesomstyles2 on YouTube for hundreds of tutorials on how to do any hairstyle you can think of. Even wigs. Everything hair infact. She’s amazing and I love that she keeps it real.

Meanwhile, here’s your girl! I learnt how to do hair when I was in 1st year. I started doing my own hair, like you see in the picture below, before progressing to my sisters’ hair. And till this day I still do my sisters’ hair for free 😂. Imagine?

Before I knew it, my friends started asking me to do their hair too! So when I had the time, I would do hair for pay. Here I am braiding a friend’s hair

I’m thankful that my friends allowed me to experiment with their hair until I got confident enough to start advertising my services. 

The extra money was so great! I don’t get to do hair so often anymore due to Masters taking up my time, but when I get the chance, I get my comb and begin styling!

Here’s something else I did, which honestly took me by surprise because I’m not the most business minded person. It all started when I became natural. My hair grew extremly fast in just 1 year. I could already tie up a huge bun. So I noticed that people always asked me what I used on my hair. Each time I’ll reply “Shea butter only“. Then they would ask ” What is Shea butter?”. So after some research, I learnt that Shea butter does not grow in this part of the world and shops don’t quite stock it, so I decided to create my own Shea butter product with Shea butter from Cameroon.

I called it “Shea Goodness”. You can also create your own product, based on the need in your community. Look around you. What is lacking? What is missing? What could be added?

Other beauty product ideas could be special bath salts, body pamper packages, scented oils. It doesn’t even have to be a beauty product. Whatever you see is needed 😊.

Shea Goodness was sold out last year, and the relaunch is pending. Meanwhile South Africa now imports from the US, Jamaica and Ghana.

This is my sister’s department – @faithakob. She even has a website dedicated to her recipes. From cakes, puff puff, savouries and full African dishes, she’s got tonnes of recipes for them all. Cooking is just so fun and what better way to make money while doing what you love? She used to sell muffins when she was on campus and they became quite popular, to the point where we had to pre-bake mass orders. 

Who doesn’t love Sisi Yemmie? So thankful for people who share what they’re passionate about with the world. Her hit YouTube channel and blog attracts thousands, as she shares how to prepare both African and European dishes. 

All images below are credited to 

Perhaps you may be more ambitious, than just baking muffins and instead start a mini catering service – Offering to prepare snack items for events around campus, friends, church or busy wives who host a lot of meetings 

This will require more marketing and good cooking skills. If it’s just a part time mini catering service then it shouldn’t cause stress. School work is already stressful enough! So take it easy ooo!

In the last few years, respect for photographers has grown immensely. I remember when I was much younger, I will always hear people joke about getting married to a photographer – It was seen as a poor unskilled man’s job. So no mother wanted her daughter to end up with a photographer. 

Now, photographers are in high demand all over the world! Infact some photographers earn more than Doctors. It’s become a trendy profession. Also due to the rise in makeup artistry, social media and just a general appreciation for the art. Penjo baba, is a Cameroonian photographer, who started capturing events back home on small scale.

He’s now gone global and is highly requested all over the world to capture weddings in particular. So if you love taking photos at events, then hey, this could be for you. The only down side to this is you need a good camera and some editing skills. The good side is, once you get the camera, you can capture for countless events. It has to be a hobby you enjoy!

Photographers are also in demand by bloggers, youtubers, instagram models, and the rest of the social media world. So next time that blogger friend of yours asks for pictures for her next post, don’t do it for free! Check for the rates charged for photoshoots in your area. One incredibly skilled photographer who does this for designers and bloggers is @a_kid_named_trav. 

Talking of photography, let me end with my favourite picture this week from Asiyami Gold. If photography is your thing, why not take it a little further and put yourself out there. I love taking photos of nature and lifestyle, so making an income from that will require more training. But for people and events, its a little easier.

There are so many more ideas, but I hope these few got you cooking up something. I thought I should share something chilled this week so here we go!

🌹 (My new favourite emoji)



27 thoughts on “5 Simple Fun Ways to Create Income as a Student

  1. Thanks for the tips Joan! I must say, you and your sisters are talented…it’s in the blood!
    I learned to braid hair as well by braiding myself, but these days, don’t do it that much as I decided to cut my hair low.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I loveeeeee this, Joan! I can’t believe you can style hair and that you had your own beauty product line! I’m so inspired. I have learnt a couple these stuff but I think I really excelled at makeup because I started getting paid for it. Although I’m not really professional or anything.
    I wish I could make my own hair!
    Congrats, girl! Keep it up!👏 I gotta stock up on my skills soon.🌟🌟

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love you more and more with each post! You can do hair! Girl I always felt so sad because all my mum and the girls around me knew how to do hair and I was like ‘All african girls know how to braid’ which was quite ignorant but the reality isn’t like that o! I’m not as much of an alien as I was thinking! I really wish I could braid lol! I should get to learning at least the ‘Bob Marley’ style and some basic weaving. Going to the salon here has made me really appreciate the art of braiding.

    You made a hair product line! I love you! That honestly is amazing and is one of my aspirations too (I’m more inclined towards skincare though). Please ohh keep dropping such knowledge lollipops for us on your blog! Side hustles are so so important, and coming back to Nigeria has taught me that! loool but you have to admit sometimes it feels like everyone is rushing to one thing e.g. everyone is now MUA but at the end of the day everyone is different and should have opportunities to put their skills to use sha.

    Lovely post, see me coming to do a mini post on your post with my long comments. Old habits die hard 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhh…I’m like smiling from eye to eye. Not even ear to ear. Hmmm I think it’s great that you already have so many people around you who can do hair. That way you can learn quicker. I think my favourite part about doing hair is I get to save up so much money cause doing hair here is so expensive😭. I think I used 20% of my own product 😂😂 cause my hair just loved it! Can’t wait to start working so that I have enough to really invest in producing in mass than the small quantity I could afford to make at the time. Let me know if you do fine a side hustle you enjoy! We’ve got to make a way outchea 😅. As for the long comments, I’m guilty too😂😂😂. Don’t worry, it’s the natural writer in you. Thanks so much Amaka🌹.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I found this post refreshing! I wish I learnt how to braid or sew clothes when I was younger. It really would have helped me through the university days and up until now. It really is important to have a skill and that is one thing that most ppl are lacking because we are always focusing on academic skills. As for beauty bloggers and make-up artists…. I love beauty as in skincare but I really wish I could get into the beauty frenzy. I don’t like wearing heavy makeup on my face and maybe that is why I never took much interest in makeup artistry but it is nevertheless a good thing to get into! –

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Jamila! You’re so right about us focusing on academic skills. I think more emphasis is placed on getting an education so much that many people ignore the skills they already have, or see no need to learn a skill or perhaps have no time to learn because they’re so focused on getting good grades. Especially as an African 😣. I’m with you on the make up front but I do wish I will learn the art someday! 😊🌹🙌. Thank you!


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