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I’m 20 something! | Birthday Behavior, Beach Bums & Sushi 

It’s funny how we don’t really feel a year go by but before you know it, it’s another year gone! Goodbye 21, hello 22💃. I think over the years, I’ve lost the feel of becoming ‘older’ on my birthday. I don’t know why, but I just feel the number has gone up by one without really feeling older. This thought will probably change when I hit 30 😂. But I think it’s because since we moved to South Africa 10 years ago, I’ve always been 2 years ahead of my peers resulting in being constantly surrounded by people at least 2 years older than myself. So I experienced what it was like to be a 22 year old probably when I was 20 or younger😂. 

You all know how much I love taking photos of everything! So I had my phone out ready to shoot as the day went on. Our family friends suggested we kick off the day with breakfast on the beachwhich was so awesome! Durban is a coastal city with the warmest weather in SA, but it’s winter at the moment hence the warm outfits.

I took the snaps with my phone – Lenovo K3. But I would love to own a professional camera some day. For now I’m happy with what I can capture with my cellular device😁.

I prefer tea to coffee. I think I’ve had coffee twice my entire life! I just don’t get how people enjoy coffee, but let me not judge😅. Tea and hot chocolate for me!

We had breakfast at Wimpy. I’m not sure which other countries have wimpy, but its a simple chain café/restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and supper 😊.

Food just makes me so happy. And sharing it with loved ones around a table was just awesome. What do you call someone who likes food & taking photos of everything? A Foodtographer? Oxford come and adopt my word jor 👀💃

I edited the photos on good’ol Instagram. Mostly used the Aden, Ludwig and Juno filters. Then increased the structure and sharpness. First time trying these filters and now I love them!

I feel like taking pictures of palms at the beach is a standard right? 😂

My sister stunned in these boots that I’m still bargaining to keep. I literally take photos of moments in motion, as mom would say “impromptu”. Can’t help myself 😂. Drives her crazy sometimes but most times she likes the pictures I take of her.

Either I was not cooperating or the camera was not cooperating 😂. I can’t remember what she said. I’m thankful that she’s here. It makes being away from our parents, family and friends a little easier. We laugh a lot and just, keep it moving 💓.

On that birthday behavior😂. I was just doing my own thing. It’s easier being on the other side of the lense.

I think birthdays remind us to be thankful for life, thankful for grace and thankful that we still have purpose to live out. I don’t think wisdom comes with age only, wisdom also comes with life’s experiences. I’ve met 15 year olds who are wise beyond their years and 35 year olds who I just want to punch for lack of sensibility. So my prayer is that with every experience, good and bad I will learn and grow.  Most importantly, in the knowledge of God.

Olowo gboboro! I can’t live this life without God. I just cannot. The trails and temptations keep flooding like a wave but each time, he quiets the troubled waters. I’m trusting him to do the same this year and the rest of my life.

I will live to testify of what the lord has done. My purpose is sure, my destiny is complete. Looking up with faith in my heart I believe his glory will be revealed and the devil will be exposed. 

He’s always watching, always listening, always waiting, always there, even when it feels like he’s not there. 

I wonder what he was thinking about. I love this shot though. Man vs Waves. A metaphor of life?

The clouds did clear up and blue clouds broke through. The heat that followed was not even funny 😂. We looked ridiculous dressed for winter on the beach! 

That moment when your friends are a few years older than you! 😂

Cake was had! Home made too by my dear aunt. It was just too divine. I wasn’t allowed to watch it being made so I can’t even comment on the making process. Just know it was yum!

Good news, 22 year olds still get presents! Yay! May it be so every year oooo!! 😂 Thankful Soul

We then came back home and got changed cause Elma ( My younger sister) declared she’s taking me out to go try Sushi.

I’ve never had Sushi before so I was excited but terrified😂. I thought, how can raw fish taste any food? I just felt Sushi was overrated. But I promised myself a while back I’d love to do something I’ve never done before on each birthday I celebrate. 

I can’t remember the exact names of what we ordered but they tasted the same to me😂. I would say it was an interesting experience. It tasted good. Not life changing or something I would crave or go gaga over😬. It was like rice and somethings and soy sauce. Please forgive me all sushi lovers. I would probably have it again, but I do believe it is very overrated. Like c’monnnnnn, Dodo is so underated! Fried ripe plantains is what I will hype up till I have no teeth left to chew. 

With that said, it was a remarkable day and I just felt so blessed. Definitely feel like I’m stepping into a new season. Still discerning to gain understanding but whatever happens, I believe God has got me.

I have to believe this.



39 thoughts on “I’m 20 something! | Birthday Behavior, Beach Bums & Sushi 

  1. Happy birthday, girl! As you begin this new year of yours, I pray that you flourish like a tree that is planted by the rivers of water and I declare that there would be continuous peace in your walls and prosperity in your gate. You really had a swell time with your family.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Enjoyed reading this, Joan you’re really beautiful 💛. The pictures are bomb, almost thought you used a camera. Happy birthday baby girl, may all your heart desires come to pass in this new yeah and God’s really got you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Happy belated birthday Joan! I truly pray that this is your best year yet! Love your summary of sushi… ‘rice, something and soy’ – I’m inclined to agree and add that we’re talking about COLD rice at that! Haha! Enjoy your bday month! God bless lovely! xtx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Happy birthday Love!!!! I’m so happy for you. God bless your new age! Your pictures are Bamm! You need to give me tips oh. Best birthday wishes from your no.1 fan! Olowogbogboro is definitely showing Himself in your life🙌💓💓💓

    Liked by 1 person

  5. mama those fries look like heaven
    and i love the white balance in your photos.
    this: “I think over the years, I’ve lost the feel of becoming ‘older’” feel like once you past 18 yr bday is just another day f’real. at least for me at least.
    loved this and happy belated!

    Liked by 1 person

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