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Why do we Lowkey Stigmatise Manifestations of the Holy Spirit?

The service starts. People are welcomed. Everyone puts on their most holy look. And the Sunday commences with “We welcome you holy spirit, come and dwell in our midst”.

Praise and worship begins, but protocol will not allow for freedom to loose oneself in worship. Everything is structured, to-the-tee, in-a-box. The holy spirit is welcomed you say? How?
Up until this year, I’d grown to accept that going to church meant attending a service on Sunday which involved singing some worship songs, praying in between, a power filled preach and off to finish the rest of the Sunday hopefully with somethings to meditate on through out the week. However I’d always felt like I was not experiencing the kind of spiritual growth I yearned for. But I did not know how to go about experiencing that growth. I mean, I will pray more and try read my bible more but that was what I could do in my power. Because I did not experience various manifestations of the holy spirit due to church doctrines, in my mind I thought maybe just a select group of people are anointed to possess gifts of the holy spirit. For my 21years of life, I think I could count on one finger the number of people I heard praying in tongues within the churches I’ve attended over the years. Because of this mindset, I wondered if I’ll ever speak in tongues or prophesy or heal the sick, for example. 

I asked myself, how can the holy spirit be welcomed, yet it is almost hidden away in a corner? Experiencing church in this way almost twisted my understanding of the holy spirit and I’m glad I’m learning now. When the holy spirit is not permitted to minister to people due to doctrines or stigma in churches, then Christianity is reduced to religion. This is dangerous. This screams “Pharisees” “Pharisees” “Pharisees”!. The holy spirit is welcomed but people look uncomfortable when thier neighbor starts praying in tongues, to the point where no one attempts to pray in the spirit anymore because people will think they are possessed or mad. People then slowly come to accept that they don’t really have to speak in the spirit. It is maybe just for the ” super holy” who just want to show off or perhaps only for the pastor or elders. I thought this way once. 

But I’m so thankful I befriended someone who’s more mature in their faith who pointed me back to the word. And I think it’s so important that we have wise mentors who can help speak truth when we are unsure sometimes. Acts 1:8 says 

But some churches are shutting down this power and it’s scary to witness. The holy spirit is preached but not practiced. The holy spirit is welcomed but not embraced. Any manifestation of the holy spirit is seen as weird. People aren’t allowed to actually experience the manifestation of the holy spirit. This spiritual shut down has happened for so long that some christians even regard the holy spirit manifesting as possibly demonic. Because they’re not familiar with this. I always used to wonder why I  did’nt really see prophetic words preached, people healed, demons casted out, tongues spoken in church up until this year. It was all watered down by doctrine. But this is not okay. Jesus’ ministry was a holy spirit filled ministry. He came for the sick, the oppressed, the needy, the weak. So if one has the holy spirit unsuppressed in them, they should be able to do the same in continuation of his ministry. But this stigma attached to the manifestations of the holy spirit started literally when it was first poured out on the disciples.

People thought they were drunk. And if we take a moment to think of someone who is drunk, they kind of do things out of thier normal order. They speak what does not make sense, they may laugh suddenly or cry suddenly, they may be unable to walk properly or they may shiver. And this year I’ve witnessed the Holy spirit manifest in people through each of these ways and more like prophesy and dreams and in me too. I’m thankful for this new journey and even more thankful to be surrounded by a mentor and Christians who can point me back to the truth.

Putting restrictions on the Holy spirit is like saying come, but just stay 100m away, thank you. Remove the structure. Remove the stigma.

I’ve been away for a bit due to transition. But I’m settling again, so I should catch up with all your recent posts soon! Yay!😊

💓 Joan

15 thoughts on “Why do we Lowkey Stigmatise Manifestations of the Holy Spirit?

  1. Some Christians definitely believe in doctrine rather than the Holy Spirit. And it’s sad that so many don’t even believe in speaking in tongues anymore. Or miracles even. This was a very insightful read. Thanks 💕

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    1. It’s really disturbing that it’s happening especially in our times when people are already skeptical about going to church in general. Thank God that even when peoples understanding of him changes, his word is true and unchanging😊. Thank you!!

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  2. I feel you Sister. Some doctrines don’t encourage the manifestation of the Holy Spirit at all. Meanwhile they are just short changing themselves and their church members because with Holy Spirit manifestation you experience another realm of the spirit. Jesus was specific about sending the Holy Spirit to the disciples and to us. Holy Spirit is what gave them boldness and allowed them to teach Rhema. The baptism of the Holy Ghost is what allowed them to manifest Christ and do miracles be courageous. They would never have gone far without that baptism. See how Peter went from coward to bold teacher.
    Yes there is the still small voice of the Holy Spirit which some if them reluctantly acknowledge but there is a baptism of the Holy Spirit with fire of the Holy Spirit which is what Christ desires for all Christians and this is evident by speaking in tongues.

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    1. Hey Bisi! I attended churches bound by such limiting doctrines so the freedom now is just amazing to witness as I’ve finally found a church I can call home. I think there is no clear explanation that baptism with water is not the same as baptism of the holy spirit. So one can carry on going to church for decades happy with water baptism thinking that’s all there is to baptism. But what Christ desires for us is far deeper with evidence of signs and wonders! Thanks for sprinkling wisdom on this matter 💓

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    2. Amen! Spirit of God, please, in Jesus’ name, release the blinders from their eyes. Let them see who You really are! Break down the walls that we surround ourselves with. Send Revival to our land. We want you to come and fill us up! In Jesus’ name, let it be done!!

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      1. Yes ! Revival is what we need now. That wake up call, opened eyes and manifestation of the Holy Spirit is our only hope. I feel Christians aren’t praying enough for revival. Yet without revival I feel like we will continue to be blind.


  3. You see this your post is nothing but the truth. In the church here I grew up speaking in tongues is seen as strange but when I went to school, I became baptised in the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues came easy to me. Now that I’m at home I just flow in the spirit and I find out that everyone around me stare at me while I’m worshiping in tongues sometimes they even see it as abusing the Holy Spirit because it comes freely. Thanks for sharing deep rooted truth about the kingdom. God bless you.

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    1. Hey Koz! That sounds just like my experience. It’s when I came to Uni that I decided I can’t just be experiencing half of what God wants to pour out so I ventured to where the Holy Spirit is not restricted. I have not yet returned home but I foresee a similar situation where people will be starring at me funny. But let them stare ohh….we are in trouble if these structure in some churches continue😬😬😅

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  4. I grew up in a church where the spirit was welcome…singing dancing and speaking in the spirit by my grandmother and other men and women of the church. As they grew older and went on to their heavenly home, church became more ordered and directed. I tried explaining to a friend recently, how I missed the Holy Spirit moving in services…it felt like a mist falling on us, each person being ministered to individually in areas maybe only their heart knew about. She did not know what I was talking about, she thought it was a reverence felt when entering a beautiful church setting with all of the statuary and stained glass…I don’t know if churches exist anymore where the Spirit is free to change the order of service so He can minister to the needs of His children. You give me hope that maybe they do and they are not just an act put on for show. Thank you and God Bless💕

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    1. Hello! Thanks so much for sharing your experience 😊. It’s really sad to see what’s happening in churches and I think this is what the bible meant when it spoke about grieving the holy spirit. How is a Christian a Christian without the holy spirit?. That’s why people can say they are Christians and not act one bit like it. But the true churches and true worshippers are still out there and I pray God grows them in tens of thousands and millions 💓

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  5. Love this post! I grew up in a church where people spoke in tongues but I didn’t quite understand the person of the Holy Spirit! Thankful for my church family in school, I have been able to grow and pray in the Spirit and really it’s something every believer should experience. Religion is killing the whole point of Christianity really, I pray God opens the eyes of believers that have blinded by religion and they’ll experience a true relationship.

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    1. Hey Opeyemi! I’m so glad I’ve now experienced all that. I wish it happened sooner than later, but I’m grateful God positioned me for a time such as this to learn, experience these things and grow. It’s scary what religion can do and people with the religious spirit are so uncomfortable with regards to supernatural things. If our God is not manifested in power and glory, then aren’t we underestimating the one true God?

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  6. Wow, this is so eye opening! I’ve been trying to go deeper in my faith for a long time. For such a long time, I tried and tried, but with no results. Eventually, I gave up, because I thought that I wasn’t seeing any change because of my own weaknesses. It’s so refreshing to know that it’s not because of me that I haven’t seen a change! However, I hope and pray that my church will grow to embrace the Holy Spirit. ‘Cuz until they do, I’m probably not going to experience much spiritual growth… =’|


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