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The One Hour  #HallelujahChallenge. A Digital Revival you DO NOT want to miss! 

I had to take a moment to calm my excitement down before sharing this post. As I write I’m still trying to focus and explain in words the magnitude of what’s about to sweep through nations. 

I first heard about the #HallelujahChallenge from The Purple Grace who shared it with me on Instagram. (Thank you Sis💓).  Before she shared it, I’d been seeing loads of posts from people inviting friends to join the challenge. But being me, I’m skeptical about sudden uprisings or trends, especially when it comes to Christianity. So I thought well let me do some background research before deciding if I’ll join in and prayed that God will guide me into truth. To cut a long story short, you do not want to miss this!

The one hour #Hallelujahchallenge is a 30 day praise and prayer time from 12am to 1am led by Nigerian gospel artist – Nathaniel Bassey. It’s happening every day until the 30th of June. Where is it happening and who is invited? It’s happening everywhere and everyone is invited! How? You may ask – All you need to do is tune into Nathaniel Bassey’s live broadcast on Instagram at 12:00am sharp! Preferably follow his instagram account ( @nathanielblow ) and turn on post notification, so that when he goes live you can get an alert. In just 11 days, the online hour of praise has grown from 2000 people on June 1st to 32000 people on the 10th June coming online in one accord to worship God from all corners of the earth! Testimonies have been rolling in and God is just doing something so so great! 

Gospel artist Nathaniel explained his call to bring people together to worship God in a way that’s breaking the norm. His genuine ways and humble response to a call is blessing people and changing lives. He’s not looking for fame, fortune or brand recognition, but rather to create an atmosphere of praise, for people to encounter God’s outstretched hand, which is not bound by time, distance or our imagination – Olowo Gbogboro

When I saw this word, I was like “O-lo-wo-gbo-gbo-ro” What is this?😬. It’s a Yoruba word which means “The one with the extensive uninhibited arms”. My God! It’s officially one of my favourite words. I’ve said it so many times after I finally got the right pronunciation 😂

This entire praise challenge is based on the story of Paul and Silas in Acts 16: 25-26

“But at midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the prisoners were listening to them. Suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken; and immediately all the doors were opened and everyone’s chains were loosed” NKJV

The God of Suddenly! The God of immediately! He did it just like that! Praise is so powerful and this is what I’ve learnt. Imagine the effect of tens of thousands of people, worshipping God at the same time. Imagine the number of “Suddenly” moments, the number of “immediately” moments, the number of chains being broken world wide! The testimonies I’ve read have left me speechless at the mighty hand of God – How he can change things just-like-that! 

This is turning into an online revival which I pray will sweep through other nations from Nigeria. People are giving their life to Christ daily! When you see numbers growing like this and the genuineness of worship, you can only marvel at what God is doing and get your praise on. 

The point is not just to have 30 days and that’s it, but rather to instill an attitude of praise in Christians. For us to make praise an intentional habit. 

I mean, clubs are being emptied and celebrities are declaring Jesus is Lord. Talk about radical! 

Today as I was listening in church after praise and worship, God just dropped a revelation in my heart which I’d like to share. My pastor had just spoken to us about his trip to the Middle east and how Christians worship God in fear as they stand being jailed, disowned or killed because of their faith. In fact in this particular Islamic nation he was in, there were only 7 churches in the entire country. He even had to preach as quietly as possible so as not to draw attention to the church building. I can’t explain the joy I experienced as the revelation hit me. I believe this online praise and worship is the first of many to sweep over the world. God wants to take the church out of buildings and into the atmosphere!!! I saw Christians in nations that persecute not being bound by church buildings anymore or worshipping in fear, or not having a church as such or people to worship with. Because they could just tune into a live worship experience and praise God even from their own rooms. I praise God for what I saw. Freedom to worship him. The church is being released from a building, and into the atmosphere! His hand is being outstretched to the Christians in Islamic states! This is what I pray will be birth from this digital revival 🙌

Where will you be at midnight tonight? There is a new revival taking place. So set your alarm. It’s 12midnight Nigerian time so adjust to your time zone accordingly! I was so happy to see many bloggers I follow also joining in to praise! May the nations come to know, Christ is alive in this generation and forever!

Joan 💓

11 thoughts on “The One Hour  #HallelujahChallenge. A Digital Revival you DO NOT want to miss! 

  1. I’m part of this movement and the only day I missed it I wasn’t happy with myself. God is really looking for armies that would bring about a revival on earth and who says the recruitment and revival can’t start on social media. Thanks girl for this. If you haven’t keyed into this please do. Don’t save your mb for anything else.

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    1. Thank you Koz! Please what’s your Instagram name? Let me follow ooo. God is doing something so great! And we’re only on day 11. Let’s keep spreading the word till we reach 1million. The world must know Jesus reigns!! 🙌🔥😄😄


  2. I’m definitely joining tonight! Sleep better leave me by force. I read all the testimonies and I have so much on my heart, I really want to have an experience like no other from this. Some people started speaking in tongues, were saved from grave situations etc. I definitely want to join and I’ve tagged my friends who I know need this turn around! This is literally such an exciting event

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    1. Hey Amaka! I first joined yesterday and I must say, it’s an experience like none other! Tell a friend to call you to wake up if you think you may sleep past. But I doubt you’ll sleep cause excitement will be building. Let’s keep being expectant and get our praise On!!!

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      1. I managed to stay awake! I was so into it although my wifi started acting up in the last 5 minutes after he said ‘the window is open’ but I prayed about most of my heart desires and fears and I’m hoping I’ll get a marvellous turn around in things before the end of this week!

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      2. Right!! Me too… I think the network got cut everywhere. Cause I checked on the Facebook live worship after and it also got cut at the same time. But I also just carried on praying for what was on my heart. What a way to begin the week!

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  3. Hehehehe. I am so excited right now ehn. I heard about it at the beginning of the month and you know I was also skeptical (I have asked for forgiveness because of my unbelief). I finally joined the movement three days ago yesterday, I had to take my phone to my friend’s room so we can all partake in the program. The Lord is definitely preparing His army and i am ecstatic that He is using the social media. My sister, do not miss it tonight. I repeat Do Not Miss IT!!!!

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    1. Me tooooo!!! May this excitement to worship carry on even after then 30th June. I was also skeptical hey. If I didn’t get that personal Instagram DM, I doubt I would’ve been pushed to join. I won’t be missing a single day. Here in South Africa, your midnight is our 1am, so I sleep and wake at 1. Certainly didn’t regret it yesterday. Let’s keep spreading the work as God continues to show up and show off!!!!

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  4. Hallelujah Challenge has really taken over. Waoh. Your revelation is deep. And it is making me have hope.I can confess to being disturbed when I read about Russia’s efforts to stifle freedom of worship. This made me think of the Middle East too and how blessed we are to worship God when we choose. I wrote a post on it but it’s still in draft.


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