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When People Mock you and Label you what you are Not 

Before things get intense, let’s first take a moment to celebrate making it through the first half of this year! 

I want to be happy cause this means we’re closer to December ( When I get to travel home) but at the same time I’m still waiting for my ethical clearance to begin my data collection. So it’s a bitter sweet situation😬. But I trust God is in control 😅. So let me wait, while looking like the flower above😂.

So let’s find out what they’re saying about you.

Im sure we’ve all been labelled something we’re not before. People or someone close has surely made conclusions about you that are not true at some point. Sometimes you’ve succeeded in proving them wrong. Other times maybe you just didn’t have the energy to argue and just left them to thier conclusions. Thier accusations? 

It’s painful, especially if it comes from a loved one. Imagine if your friends or family don’t believe you can amount to something. Perhaps a teacher was convinced you were going to be a failure. I remember when I first told my friends about my passion for blogging 5 years ago, I received mixed reactions. While some cheered me on, others straight up told me they won’t be supporting me in this journey because they just can’t. I was labelled an attention seeker.  Perhaps they misunderstood me sharing my passion with them for seeking attention, but I was really trying to share a part of my life with them, just like I’d support every good aspect of thier own lives. I later grew in confidence and boldness, assured of who I am in Christ, not requiring that assurance from anyone else.

Rewind to another scene in my life – August 2007. My family just arrived in South Africa and it was time to get admissions into new schools. I was 12 years at the time and in South Africa, 12 year olds belong in grade 6 ( primary school). But I had just completed Form 1 in Cameroon (secondary school). So Every school we approached informed my parents that my sisters and I will have to be demoted 2 years back, to fit in our ‘correct’ grades. Which meant me returning to primary school. My parents eventually just said “Test them”. We know they don’t deserve to be demoted. Give them a test for the grades they’re actually supposed to be in. If they pass, they stay in that grade. 

So we entered in the 3rd term, with just 1 more term to go ( South Africa has 4 school terms). And behold, we passed the year and I didn’t return to primary school. The rest is history. Imagine if my parents accepted that we be demoted. If they believed the standards of the school principals, if they accepted what we were being labelled – incapable of succeeding. Thank God that our parents new better and thank God even more that Jesus knows us best. He does not call us what they call us. 

A man came to Jesus announcing that his daughter was dead and that she only needs a touch from Jesus to be raised from the dead (Matthew 9: 18-26). As Jesus arrives the seen, he’s surrounded by a noisy crowd. People just adding confusion to the situation. Who are the noise makers in your life? Next, Jesus asks the noise makers to go away, saying she is not dead, she’s sleeping. Instead of believing his truth, they mocked him. Who are the mockers of your truth? 

What Jesus calls you, that’s who you are. Eventually the crowd did go out and Jesus held her hand. She woke up. She woke up! May we not be discouraged by what people label us but my we be encouraged by our knowledge of who Jesus calls us. In this life there will be so many accusers, so many mockers, so many noise makers distracting us. But we need to find out what his truth is about us, and keep focus on it. And maybe we need to eliminate the noise makers and find a place of silence, before Jesus can manifest his truth in our life’s. That’s the journey I’m on at the moment. 

This story about the girl raised from the dead got me thinking alot about how medical diagnosis or conditions doctors say we have could not actually be what’s going on. What if it’s not really a medical problem. What if it’s actually infirmities. Trails. What if, some diagnosis are a scam? What if … Jesus is saying otherwise about that situation?

Joan 💓

17 thoughts on “When People Mock you and Label you what you are Not 

  1. Everytime I read your blog, I always have something new to meditate about. Thanks so much for this. I made sure my kid bro read this before commenting because he’s at that phase in his life where he thinks people approval is very important. I don’t want to miss a post from you.

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    1. Hey Koz! I’m humbled by your comment. Thanks so much. I was in that phase for a long time, through highschool and beginning of university, but thank God I saw truth. It’s an effort to get move past that stage but it’s honestly so freeing. We can’t afford to allow people tell us who we are, otherwise we’ll just be like a foot ball with people kicking us around. I hope your brother picked something too💓. Thank you!

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  2. I love this post, definitely makes you think. Often times we rely too much on what the doctors tell us about ourselves. Instead of realizing that we are who God says we are. Keep up the posts, they are so uplifting.

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    1. Right! I really wonder at all these new conditions coming up from no where. Strange strange diagnosis that even doctors can’t explain how they developed or have no cure. God help us. Thanks queen! 😊💓

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  3. My favorite post.. when I first wanted to start my blog, I was labeled an attention seeker and what not.. I was hurt but I did it and I’m still blogging.. some of them still come to my blog and then message me about what they read and all.. do not let what they said or say define you .. that’s the spirit ❤

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    1. Hey Nonye! I don’t know why people just pass harsh judgements but I guess it’s human nature. I also get the ones coming now and telling me how this and that post was nice. I just say thank you and leave it like. That’s the spirit indeed. Thank you!


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