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Create 30 Sporty Chic Inspired Outfits | This Week In Style

The sporty chics. The cool kids right? Some, who’ve never actually stepped into a gym before or jogged 100m 😂. When I was in highschool, the girls who dressed like they just returned from the Olympics were actually sporty ( me included 😉). But now thanks to sports being commercialised and trendified, everyone can latch unto the sporty look.

I personally love dressing sporty because it usually allows me to be comfortable as I run around doing my long lists of daily errands. It’s a no fuss kind of style. So, I’ve put together 30 sporty looks from these stunning instagrammers for you! I always include their usernames incase you fancy their style and want to stalk their accounts😂. It’s been a while since I did a This Week In Style Post. So I thought let me make up for it with a giant 30 outfits post🙌

Skirts & Sneaks

Whenever I go through my moms old albums, I always see her striking a pose (by a rock or plant😂) looking stunning, almost always wearing sneakers. Whether she was wearing a skirt, dress or jeans. So this trend has certainly been around before now. It’s like a retro-hipster vibed kind of look. You look feminine but not weak. What’s the word? Energetic👌. Checkout @cassmiat above, @nikkiandtees and @mihlalii_n stylin’ it up. 

The Cheat

Why the cheat? Well when you think dress, you think girly, lady-like, poised. But you cheat the status quo when you throw running shoes and sneakers in the mix. It’s such a winning combination though! @yoliswa_xo has one of my favourite Instagram pages. Definitely one to check out if you need inspiration for your Instagram photo layouts. 

 @t2pitchy , @izzieotaigbe , @simplycyn 

@zainabbalogun has such an effortless and simple sense of style. Thumbs up to celebs who stick to thier stylydentity. I totally just made that word up 😬. 

Retro tomboy 

These are the die heart tomboys. Not just modern day sporty chics but the vintage at heart. I’m talking shirt from mom’s wardrobe and vintage thrift shopping sprees kind of retro. The ones who post throwback pictures from last week but it looks like they were in the scene of an 80’s movie😂! @t2pitchy , @yagazieemezi , @azimezi , @janemichaelcollection @nikkiandtees we see you! 

Brand babies

We all have that one friend or know one. They own the latest Nike, Puma or Adidas branded shirt, sneakers, cap, trousers. I mean, they are like a walking billboard. Okay let’s be polite, unpayed brand ambassador😂.  And probably don’t even know how to do one push up. But they make it look good and that’s all that matters. Okay shade aside, I actually love a well put together look whether branded or not. @Tokemakinwa in puma and @Shelleymokoena in adidas.

The Cool Kids

These are the ones who look good in everything. The stylists, the bloggers, the brand ambassadors, the fashion lovers, the instagram models. It can be casual or fierce depending on how the look is put together. And it is usually monochrome or as close to monochrome as possible. @pamzokuhle, @lulamawolf, @onta_morake, @nwahh, @lindi_xo 💓

The Unconventional

If you love taking risks and trying new looks, then this is for you. Nothing ordinary about channeling a sporty look with palazzo pants! I’d probably wear palazzo pants with sandals or heels. But maybe I would brave up and try wearing mine with my sneakers one of these days. If I do, I will post a picture of how that turns out. It’s already looking interesting in my head 😂. No fear for @onta_morake, @thobelani.mdletshe & @hafymo 🔥

And it’s a wrap. I hope this was a good comeback for the This Week In Style series 🙌. 

Just a quick share 😊.  I appreciate all the blogs I follow. Not just the blogs but the bloggers. When I return to WordPress after a while, I literally go on a binge reading spree to catch up with everyone. And it’s always so amazing to read posts from different blogs in different parts of the world, yet we all seem to have similar experiences or thoughts to share from that week. And because we all follow each other, it’s almost like an interconnected spider web. Thank you all for sharing your stories. Please keep writing, please keep inspiring.


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