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Stand Against Rape, Stand With A Hero, Stand With Diribe

Overcoming the challenge of being a rape victim, is a road no child should experience. For it puts people and even children in a self jail for a life time. My experience as a victim of incest/rape took 6years to overcome. Six years of fear, trauma, flashbacks, night mares and though I was still at the age of ten, the idea of suicide didn’t skip me as well as that of running away from home because of the feeling of being hated.

Me from all the victims around the world, counts it all joy and a rare privilege to overcome such physical hell.

 The most aching, is the fact that more children are exposed and vulnerable to the act. The rate of change in the world has been of major impact to the children, youths, parents and the elderly, changing so drastically that parents are going after their own children as early as 2 years old and some have it as culture to penetrate their own children before they marry. And some even  say and I quote ” man go cook soup no tastetam“. Is our world already coming to an end?. Incest rate and infant rape in communities today are highly on the rise. With children made to believe it’s a normal phenomenon, some are threatened into the act, fear powers others possess, with the lack of sex education exposing the naive young children.
I vividly remember how I escaped the incident from a well trusted neighbor and friend of my mother. It grows every day as victims are afraid, feel dirty and all overwhelmed with the roller coaster of fear, threats and embarrassment. With the aim of ensuring no child recounts such nightmare, not to chained by the act and diverted from their dreams and visions. I Am ready to be a sign post of change till the day the Almighty God says enough! I am calling on all to join me on this journey!

Your well trusted neighbors could be the ones doing this to a loved one or an ignorant father or mother thinks it’s a good custom to be first on his daughters. An elderly person out of frustration may embark on the journey of destroying young children to satisfy a sexual urge.  A pastor, Reverend,  Imam, catechists, church leader may be satisfying himself through a child. A relative may be changing the history of a family and even a child victim of the abuse transferring the pain, more so a poor man on the streets or carrier of a deadly disease.

The most deadly aspect of it all  is that the victims are caged. Join me denounce this act more deadly than AIDS, killing the dreams of its victims. #IStandWithDiribe #NoToRape

Written by  Sandrine Deribe 

I have only met Sandrine once in my life, in Bamenda, Cameroon during an outreach event- But it only had to take that one day for her to spark such deep inspiration within me. Never have I met a young lady so purposeful, eloquent, intelligent and resilient. I am so humbled by your written words. I celebrate you Sandrine. I thank you for transforming into a beacon of light and hope. You are under the shadow of God’s wings, therefore you will soar and reach greater heights, more than you can ever imagine.  I stand with Deribe, we all should!

Sandrine is a Youth Advocate at Mother of Hope Cameroon, Motivational Speaker, Public Speaker and Tutor. If you would like to contact Sandrine to sponsor her projects and campaigns, please do so via her email address Or you can contact me via my blog contact page, and I will feedback to her.




16 thoughts on “Stand Against Rape, Stand With A Hero, Stand With Diribe

    1. Thanks for sharing! 😄. Her story really touched me because I know back in Cameroon and many other African countries, rape is treated like a taboo. Like a disease. People don’t talk about it. So I don’t even know how many young girls are swallowing the misery in silence. So I really had to celebrate her bravery. One voice at a time, change will come 😅

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    1. Hey Bisola! It’s so sad but true that it’s common. My prayer is that society will not silence rape victims for fear of being condemned, like it’s a taboo. There is still much that needs to be done to raise awareness about rape and empower girls to have a voice like Sandrine and become vocal about these issues. 😅


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