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Johannesburg’s Natural Hair and Beauty Festival. OOTD | Highlights 

It’s good to be back home in Pietermaritzburg after spending almost a month in Johannesburg🙌. No, I was not on holiday – I wish. I think my eyes were glued to journal articles 70% of my time there😅. It’s such a vibrant city which was very welcomed from my super quiet Pietermaritzburg. During my stay in Jo’burg I attended the 1st Natural hair and Beauty festival hosted there. Ofcause being me, I really wanted to do something different with my hair. Inspiration struck when I was chatting with a good Ghanian friend of mine, also a blogger ( The Dark Skinned Girl ) and she said she was busy doing African threading at that moment to stretch her hair. It was an ‘Ah ha moment’. Okay maybe not that deep 😂. I remember doing this hairstyle for my grandmother when I was back in Cameroon. 

It was perfect for the day because I wanted to celebrate my heritage and love for natural hair at the same time. It took me less than one hour to do it on the morning of the festival. 

The Ankara crop top and kimono were both made back in Cameroon and I got those lace pumps for a steal price of R69.99 from Selfast. I’ve posted an outfit with these skirt-shorts ( Is that what they’re called?) before ↪ here

My younger sister also went the afrocentric route with her giant dashiki skirt made in Cameroon. I think we intentionally seek to Africanize our wardropes especially since we are away from home. An emphasis on having outfits made by Cameroonian designers, or any African designer for that matter.  I’m not saying there is anything wrong with westernized styles, because I myself probably own 70% western styled outfits. But I feel it’s also important to embrace ones identity through what they wear and represent. Even more so when in a nation that has it’s own cultures. It shows pride in where you come from, while accepting and learning from the others’ cultures. 

He calls me Aunty Johnny 😂.

My Highlights of the Event

Alright. So a lot happened at the natural hair and beauty fest 🙌. There were performances from Jazz artists, flash mob dances, dance offs, a fashion show, a hair show, competitions, hair products at super discounted prices, a lot of displays from hair care brands especially Dark & Lovely with their new AU Naturale range. 

I could not take pictures of each stall or the fashion show because my battery died ( Even though I’d charged it all night 😭)

I purchased the conditioner and hair butter, which I plan on reviewing in a short while. But so far I’ve used that hair butter every second day! My hair is like drinking that stuff! It feels nourished and strong. But let me not get ahead of myself here. Proper review loading.

There was even a spin to win game if you bought any Dark & Lovely product. And guess who won a cool T-shirt and comb 🙌🙌. Spun twice and won twice 💪.

I felt like a natural hair model taking photos at their photo booth😂. Then had to remind myself – Joan, it’s just a photobooth madam. No but seriously, Dark & Lovely if you’re looking for a natural haired ambassador for your new range pick ↪me↩😂🙌 .

Thanks so much to the Natural hair & Beauty Fest organisers for sponsoring my ticket 🙌. If you missed this one, do not be alarmed. There are more to come. I’m hoping we have one in Durban too. Hint hint. 

  •  Aunty Johnny 

20 thoughts on “Johannesburg’s Natural Hair and Beauty Festival. OOTD | Highlights 

  1. Your sister’s skirt is the truth! I’m coming to anywhere she is to steal it.
    I’m so glad to see how much natural hair acceptance has grown in Africa in the last ten years. We’re getting to a point when it would be almost absurd to wear your hair anyhow except how God made it.
    And yes, I think you’d make a fan natural hair model.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hihihi😂. That’s if I don’t get to it first! Thanks for standing in agreement with me for this natural hair ambassador situation 😄🙌. I claim it ohhh


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