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Coming Face to Face with the demon of Lust

This is a true story of grace and redemption.  It is not meant to expose anything other than God’s mighty power. All glory to God. Amen. 

It was almost past midnight when we heard a loud scream from a feminine voice outside far away. I was in 1st year at the time and my sister was doing her honours. We lived together in a flat close to campus. My sister jumped out of her room and into mine, we listened quietly to determine if it was a scream of panic or just someone coming back drunk from a party. The scream did not reoccur, so we concluded maybe someone was being raped. We did not know what to do but prayed and went back to bed. A few minutes later my sister came back to my room holding her phone, looking pale. I asked, “Who called”, ” What’s going on”. She whispered, “There is a girl in the neighbour’s house across the road who is possessed. They guys want us to please come pray for her because she is manifesting and it is really bad”. The guys next door were our friends and I think they concluded that because we go to church every Sunday, we knew a thing or two about casting out demons. I starred at my sister, she starred back at me. We went quiet for a while, unsure of what is to come. I think we were both thinking the same thing. 

  1. We had never been even close to seeing a demon being casted out of anyone our whole lives, apart from in Nigerian movies. And in the movies, it always looked like a super scary experience

  2. We had zero experience, zero knowledge of even where to begin

  3. If we said yes, this meant we’ll have to face a demon and the thought of that was terrifying. If we said no, that would’ve meant we were hypocrites and did not actually believe in the power of Jesus Christ. The purpose of our faith will then be useless because we refused to obey a call to proof our trust in God’s mighty power. 

So, we decided to allow God to use us. With our lack of knowledge and dread we said “Today, God will go before us, God will protect us and God will bring forth a miracle in Jesus name through 2 ladies.” He qualifies the called right? That’s the mindset we carried, as we grabbed our bibles and matched on ready to introduce whatever demon that was to our God. As we walked, I remember feeling so bold. That boldness was definitely not me. The holy spirit literally moved our feet step by step and with each step, our faith grew and fear was reduced to the point that we did not even wait to think anything would go wrong.

As we entered the house, there was a huge mess in the kitchen. Knifes on the floor, electric cables scattered around and a few broken things. One of the guys explained that this lady had been trying to kill herself. Shock spread on our faces as he went on to explain that she’d been sitting on the lawn that evening and suddenly spoke to herself then screamed and started manifesting. 

Later, she explained to us that when she was on the lawn, the demon which had been tormenting her was touching her. So after she’d asked it to stop and it didn’t, she screamed. That’s the scream we’d heard while at our place. 

Okay so back to our entrance. I won’t lie, I felt like this was more than we could handle, I felt unequipped. But we could NOT deny our faith. We could not believe God would not use our small mustard seed faith to bring triumph. So we walked into the room where she was seated, with 2 other housemates holding her. She looked very frightened, in agony and had just been crying. We listened to her explain that she was possessed with 3 demons. The demon of lust and rebellion were 2 of the 3. But the one manifesting now was the demon of lust. She explained how it caused her to be aroused and seek sexual pleasures. She also explained how she grew up being very rebellious and even now is still like that. Up until this moment, I never knew that faults in human nature like lust and rebellion we regard as just flaws actually have a demonic root. 

It opened my eyes to the ungoing spiritual war which I was aware of but had not experienced so vividly. I realised that the devil wants us to label human flaws as just that, so that we don’t realise he’s actually behind it all. As we began to pray ( I did not know how to speak in tongues so I just surrendered to the holy spirit and prayed with authority) the demon began to manifest. She immediately became so powerful and it took 3 people to hold her down. Her eyes where wide open and her voice was much deeper. This was the demon talking through her. It said things to distract us, lies about our lives. At some point it even pointed at me saying so, I see you are a virgin, I’m coming for you. I rebuked this in the name of Jesus and rebuked it in the name of Jesus. Realising that it was just trying to distract us, we ignored all it said and carried on praying and taking breaks. As we took breaks, she would come to her normal self.  

This carried on till about 2am. Then we began declaring that we will not leave that place till the demon is casted out and banished never to return. 

I could feel God’s presence in that room. I could feel energies shifting. We made a phonecall to our home group leaders asking them to come through and join us in prayer. Just as they were coming in minutes later, the lady suddenly relaxed. She looked in our direction. We were standing by the door. She said the demon is gone. It’s walked out. Our home group leader had performed deliverances before. He came and prayed for her to be released of all strongholds. Then he helped her give her life to Jesus Christ. 

When she was now calm, she explained how she’d felt everything was somehow linked to her nose ring. We tried to take it off but it wouldn’t come off, so we advised that she should go to a place where she can be rid of it. 

This story is to the glory of Jesus Christ. Without a shadow of doubt, that miracle was by the power of the holy spirit. Not my sister and I. Till this day I think back and laugh at how we two inexperienced girls with minor spiritual encounters agreed to go pray for someone possessed. Then I smile at the faithfulness of God. I rejoice in the truth of his word. I rejoice in his mighty power. I rejoice that I had that encounter because after that, no one can convince me otherwise about my faith. Jesus Christ is real and more powerful than anything or anyone. 

There are 5 things I learnt from this experience

  1. Always be ready, you do not know when God may call you to serve. Put on the full amour of God at all times! Be armed and ready.

  2. Always have scripture in mind to use against spiritual warfare. At the time, I did not know alot of scripture off by heart because I’m really not good with memorising scripture. And I felt so frustrated while praying because I wanted to speak God’s word, but had no scripture in mind. 

  3. Things like lust, rebellion, anger, etcs have a spiritual root and the devil does not want us to know this

  4. God can use anyone to do anything, if they will just say “Yes Lord”. 

  5. God is more powerful than we can ever imagine, than our minds can ever conceive. I’m assured that even in my weaknesses, he is strong. This is the sweetest lesson ever! 

This is a true story of grace and redemption. All glory to God.

Amen 💓


17 thoughts on “Coming Face to Face with the demon of Lust

  1. Waoh! I loved this story. Sorry but it was also funny in the begining even though that probably wasn’t the intention of the writer.

    On a more serious note, a lot of what we think are normal have spiritual roots. Inordinate Sexual addictions, lust, masturbation are very much demonic manipulation and very hard to overcome. My sister is in the deliverance ministry she tells me chilling stories that you wouldn’t believe if you didn’t witness it yourself.

    I like the faith the writer and her sister possessed. We have authority as Christians and we should be aware that we might be called upon at anytime to manifest that faith and authority.

    Thank you Joan. 😂

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    1. Hey Bisi! Thanks so much. The beginning is funny now, but at the time, it wasn’t😂😂. The writer is me. This story is one I experienced with my older sister who was doing her honours at the time. I will never forget that day. Especially when the demon actually spoke to me and the moment it left. Since then, I’m so careful to watch my behavior and that of those around me. The devil is always up to something and super sneaky about it. But thank Jesus for overcoming it all on the cross. We have the authority in his name! Amen 🙌🙌

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  2. Thank God for using you! This is a real life example of how faith as little as a mustard seed can produce results.
    I can imagine how you and your sister marched into that house. Lol
    This post just reminded me that some things are not normal. Some weaknesses are not just weaknesses but they have spiritual roots.
    Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Wow what a story, thank you for sharing your testimony. It is just what I needed to hear. We live in a culture that glorifies rebellion, lust, sexual perversion,and addiction among other things. It is important that we stay alert and focused.

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  4. This story touched the core of my exisitence. Truly we wrestle not against flesh and blood but pricipalities and power… I salute the courage of yourself and your sister for allowing God use you for His glory. Thanks for reminding me that I’ve authority over the devil as a christian and a God’s child.

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  5. This is absolutely crazy! I don’t even know what I would do If I were in your shoes. I’ve always wanted to be like a deliverance minister and someone who could heal people, but I have a long way to go before I can get to that level. Wow you guys were so bold, choosing not to step back but instead to trust God. I’d have been shocked too when the demon pointed and said “I’m coming after you” God forbid lol. The nose ring.. wow I see it as her getting those kinds of piercings out of rebellion and causing the demon to settle within her, or maybe the demon caused her to do it. many of us have some disturbing flaws and we always say they’re part of us, not knowing where they might come from… what an eye opening read. Well done to you guys.. have you done any more deliverances since then or nah?

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    1. Hey Amaka! You are one brave Lady, actually thinking of becoming a deliverance minister. It’s definitely a calling not for the faint hearted. But God always qualifies the called 💓. You are absolutely right about the nose rings. I just see things so differently now. We take so much for granted but there’s a real spiritual battle happening every second. Thank God for his protection over us. I haven’t done any more deliverances after that. Haven’t been in the position to do so, plus I don’t want to plunge myself into something I’m not called for. Praying for discernment 💓

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