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Making a Subtle Unconventional Statement – 16 Inspired Looks 

Subtle – Making use of clever and indirect methods to achieve something. 

 Before I dive into This Week In Style, let me just explain why I especially love making subtle statements. I’m the middle child of 3 girls and all my life I’ve been surrounded by a large extended family of females as well. For the most part, I’ll say we all have a great sense of style. However in my family my outfits often get comments like “only Joan would wear that”, ” where did you get this outfit inspiration from”, ” here she goes again😂”. And that’s because my sense of style is not really influenced by anything other than how I’m feeling that day and the occasion at hand. I love owning unconventional outfits and making subtle statements. It’s an expression of myself 💓

So here are 16 inspired looks, some with subtle statements and some unconventional. 


One can add subtle statements to an outfit with the use of accessories in a creative way. I think @thequeenxbee ‘s bandana choker does just that 😊.

Colour blocking 

Remember when colour blocking was in! I think it reached it’s climax around 2013. I remember I was in 1st year at the time and campus just looked like a carnival with mismatched colour by colour all over the place! But when done right, you can create a pretty smashing outfit and make that subtle statement like @tallzandsmallz

Matchy Matchy

This is how we call an outfit that literally “matches” back home in Cameroon. The effect of wearing a matching ensemble is a clean, elegant and fresh look. It’s clever because you can’t go wrong and you’ll look like you put much thought into the outfit, meanwhile you didn’t. I love these looks by @ozinna , @kekecameron , @thatdarkskingirl 

Clash of the Patterns

I would say this is a more unconventional way of dressing. Not for the faint hearted oh💪.  But it really does make a statement if done right. I have not experimented much with this but when I do, I always ask my sisters for thier honest opinions! Very important😂. Here’s @thesvnflwr slaying in mismatched patterns. 

Tucked in Shirt 

I seem to be seeing this done more and more, however I hardly do this. But I would actually notice an outfit more and look back if it was dressed up this way, as opposed to leaving the shirt untucked.   Making subtle statements with @findingpaola, @sinomondliwa. 

Layering Collared Shirts 

I stumbled upon these looks by @revesfashion and @yhemisi. Unconventional? I say yes. What drew my attention to thier outfits was the way they wore thier collar shirts. If layered up or layered down, one could make a simple outfit look more edgy. 

Black & White

Black and white together equals success. One can wear full black with white accessories like @signecatseyes or full white with black accessories like @lerato_kgamanyane

Sticking to Hues 

This is a clever way of putting an outfit together which I think most of us do. From a young age I remember how my mom always bought clothes taking into consideration the colours of my other clothes so I could pair them. That’s pretty much it. So wearing similar hues in one outfit. Here we have @Zamashozi, @lulamawolf, @pam_madlala_, @the_cocopolitan in hues of brown and orange. 

I hope these 16 looks will inspire an outfit of yours this coming week! I’ve been away from WIFI for the past week, hence my reduced interaction😅. But not to worry. Where there is a will, there is a way.

God bless! 

Joan 💓


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