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Honours Graduation – Afrocentric Hair & Corporate Outfit 

I don’t often share my academic life on the blog but today let me open that door for a bit. I’m currently pursuing my Masters degree (Master of Science in Dietetics). I totally underestimated what it entails to actually conduct a masters project. So far I’ve been navigating through a maze of articles upon articles, journals upon journals and corrections unending. But excellence is what I seek to achieve and with God as my anchor I will stay strong and keep pushing.

Last year showed me flames 😂! It was certainly a very challenging year. A lot of late nights turning into mornings, consumed by the workload & having to talk less to love ones just to get things done! But by God’s grace, here I am collecting that second certificate. Victory is my name in Christ Jesus!

So this was my Honours graduation! Yay 🙌🙌. I’ve come to realise that not many people know what dieticians actually do. It’s an emerging career in the field of health, nutrition and medicine. Dieticians work with other health professionals like doctors, nurses, physiotherapist, chiropractors, oncologists, surgeons etcs focusing on the diet related ailments of a patient. For example a Patient with a gunshot wound to the chest may be unconscious, unable to eat orally. The dietician then has to calculate their macronutrient and micronutrient requirements and prescribe a specific formulated feed either to be given enterally ( through the mouth, nose, esophagus, stomach, intestines) or parenterally ( through the veins) if the organs are not functional. Patients with kidney disease, diabetes, liver disease, HIV, TB, cancer, hypertension are also refered to dieticians. Actually most conditions are linked with diet. So we get to see a wide range of patients. It’s also crucial to take the anthropometric measurement of patients as well as obtain their diet history and look at/ interprete their blood results. Dieticians also work with NGOs, institutions or the government sector. One can also branch into the corporate world, for example working as a dietician for Unilever or becoming a nutritive product ambassador.

I wore this stunning corporate wear from the Miss Cameroon South Africa Pageant, designed by Brian-Shiraz of Hauz of Lenze , a Cameroonian designer.  I love how he elevated the look with the ankara across on pageant night, and wanted to recreate that look. Spot your girl with the afro infront 🙌🙌

Here’s what I wore for my BSc graduation. Similarly, I did not want to wear a dress this time. 

The Ankara I wore  across belonged to my mom but I sneaked it into my box and traveled back to South Africa with it😂. 

I wanted to do a simple crown braid but my hairstylist decided “Not today”. She then proceeded to freestyle on my hair because she apparently envisioned that an Afrocentric vibed hairstyle will suit me best 😂. I didn’t argue. She was right 😂

And I was so glad my sister travelled down from Pretoria, to celebrate with me. Her high low shirt was designed back home in Cameroon. And her wool twists were done by yours truly. 🙌🙌

All glory to God for another graduation in the bag. It was not by my power or strength but by his grace. 

💓 Joan


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