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Negative Thinking Begins When We Wake Up – My Story 

I wake up in the morning thinking OH MY GOD, I have so much to do today😱. As I’m brushing my teeth I’m thinking about that thing that I can’t seem to figure out. Then my mind tells me “Joan you just won’t make it through this week”. In fact you seem to be working so hard but things just seem to be getting harder for you. I turn on the shower already feeling defeated and sink into a low low ” I’m unable to deal spirit “.  I tell myself well, God is in control I guess but like I can’t ignore the fact that I’m just so tired of having to deal with stuff already. Anxiety builds up and I loose appetite for breakfast, feeling despair creep up. I then march out of the house thinking “I can do this!”. 

I wake up in the morning and thoughts of submissions and unresolved life issues come pouring in. I say, devil, not today. I reach down the carpet and pick up my bible. Not really knowing any particular scripture in mind, I just continue reading a particular book of the Bible. At the moment, the book of Job. I say God, please renew my mind as I read. Help me to find peace in you and in all I do today. Help me to be more positive, thankful and joyful.

I read on till its time to get ready for the day. As I brush my teeth and take a shower, I listen to my favourite worship songs, all the while speaking God’s promises over myself. I feel content even in strife, as I eat breakfast, thanking God that I can even afford to eat muesli. P.S, I think they’re just way too expensive in South Africa. I drop a compliment or two at my housemate’s outfit and head out thinking God, may your will be done today. I can do all things, not in my strength, but through the strength that you give me. Amen.

Both days, I have had hundreds of times. And to tell you the truth, my days are always better when I begin them with Jesus. And I’m not just saying this. There are times when I wake up already complaining about my worries and the day ends up being terrible leading to a full blown terrible week. I let my negative thoughts rule over me. I speak my concerns as if I am the only one who can solve them. As I continue speaking out my problems, I give them power over me. And I just end up hopeless. However, There is this quietness in my mind, body and spirit when I say Jesus, come into this situation. 

This serenity even in the midst of the chaos around me. Sometimes I only do this in the afternoon or at night before I sleep – I realise my negative thinking and rebuke it. The peace that follows sometimes comes immediately or after a while, but it always comes. And I know that can’t be my doing because I know that my human self will be more prone to panic and worry. There is definitely something special that happens when I begin the day with Jesus. I mean life is life and my days are not always roses, but with internal peace, I go to bed thankful that God took me through another day – I have a more positive and hopeful approach for the rest of the week because I chose to believe God’s strength and favour will be manifested in me.

I take back the power lost to negative thinking by ⬇

  1. Admitting my faults & weaknesses in the situation 

  2. Choosing to believe that God’s grace is sufficient and he keeps the promises in his word

  3. Choosing to have a more positive mindset or speak more positively, even if a situation is still though.

  4. Trusting that God certainly has a plan!

1 Corinthians 2:9 says “But as it is written, ” What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man conceived, are the things God has prepares for those who love him” 

I decided to share this contrast, to encourage you to join me in starting each day  with a sprinkle of Jesus. Let’s do this together shall we! ( You may do some or all. Which ever you can make time for) 

  • Let’s say a simple prayer of surrender when we wake up
  •  Let’s feed our spirit with some good scripture 
  • Let’s remain in a spirit of praise and worship. 
  • Let’s rebuke negative thinking
  • Let’s go on with our day trusting God to take us through it, not depending on our own capacity to go through it.

God’s Got This! 

Joan 💓


11 thoughts on “Negative Thinking Begins When We Wake Up – My Story 

  1. I totally relate. I am at a place now where i wake up with a song on my lips already. and it’s like i was even singing in my sleep. God has got us sis, Life is hard but the life we live we live in Him.
    Thanks for such inspiration!

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  2. This post was so relatable . I know those days when I wake up rushed, anxious, and not so nice to myself are not as productive as those when I slow down and focus my mind on God’s promises. Thanks for sharing and for the reminder to change my mind’s focus each morning.


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