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Styling Up Everyday T-shirts – Create 15 Inspired Looks

If there is one thing we all own, despite how different styles can be, it’ll have to be a T-shirt. Although t-shirts are perhaps the most basic item in our closet, they can actually be dressed up in ways that express our style. The different ways to style t-shirts are endless! Choosing t-shirts in different colours, prints and sizes can really add some flavor to your outfit. So This Week In Style, I bring to you 15 inspired ways to wear your favourite T-shirt.

Flower Power

It seems floral vintage vibed T-shirts are quite a thing now. You don’t really have to do much in terms of styling floral shirts. The fact that it’s floral already makes a style statement. I’m not sure who copied who here but check how @sherlinanym & @thejenniejenkins wore thier shirts the exact same way! Same belt minus the jacket. #Awkward

I’m most comfortable in jeans, takkies/sneakers and a T-shirt like @sherlinanym. I think this has been my outfit 70% of the time on campus 😂. 

Being Different

Here’s the thing, sometimes one just wants to look more stylish – different, . Ditch the jeans and sneakers? Mix things up? Slap on a dress or skirt? Yes Yes Yes! @shirleybeniang , @___cocob , @simplycyn are giving off outfit Inspo right here🙌.

Styling Up With Pants/Jeans

So there are 3 ways this can be done.

  • Wearing a T-shirt, belt & heels like @manigazer

  • Wearing a T-shirt, tieing a jacket & heels like @manigazer & @chicamastyle 

  • Wearing a T-shirt, jacket & heels like @_Iharley_

Cashi Casual

My personal category. Well the looks speak for themselves. It’s all about keeping it simple and clean. You know, the whole less is more concept. 

I wish I could find shirts like @mariashon ‘s with Christian prints on them. These days you could find the most perfect shirt and then stop to read what’s printed only to see something like Cash me ass-ide.

@valerieegbuniwe has this minimal sense of style down to the Tee! T for T-shirt get it? 😀. #PleaseLaugh 

Meanwhile unrelated to t-shirts, grandpa sandals are totally taking over this year! I’m sure if someone wore these 6 years ago people would’ve been thinking, Well, this is weird. But hey, who I’m I to judge? @missshozi & @lolaraemusic actually make it look good worn with simple printed t-shirts.

That’s all for This Week In Style. I hope the looks would inspire your next outfit with a T-shirt. If you’ll like to view more outfit inspiration, check my previous posts

    💓 Joan 


    10 thoughts on “Styling Up Everyday T-shirts – Create 15 Inspired Looks

      1. Hey Ihuoma! Thank you😄🙌. I just checked the site and the t-shirts are so dope! But since I’m down here in South Africa, shipping may be expensive😣. So I think I’ll get inspiration from the site and try locate a T-shirt printing shop💪

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    1. Just a quick message to say I really enjoy reading your blog – I can’t help but scroll (and scroll some more) to see all the different styles and the ways of wearing them. You have a talent for picking the best of the best and including them for a quick and easy way to find out what’s hot and what’s not (do people still say that? 🙈). Oh and it’s made all that much better by the fact you’re a Christian because it’s still modest (much needed these days)! Anyway, keep doing what you’re doing!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Hey Tomi. Thanks so much. I Felt very encouraged reading that 😊. My hope for this platform as a blogger is to draw people into an awareness of how God’s intention for us is to have soundness in our body, mind & relations with one another. And I’m also learning as I go😊.

        Liked by 1 person

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