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Praying Even When You Don’t Feel Like It. 

You know those times when your mind is just too fuzzy for you to actually zone in and pray. Yes? No? Well I certainly do. Sometimes I get abit overwhelmed with the stresses of life but I know it’s important not to become so anxious that I do not pray. 

While God certainly knows the desires of our heart and even what we want to pray for before we do, it does not mean we should fold our arms and not pray. When the going gets though, Pray. When the journey seems smooth, Pray. When sense makes no sense, Pray. He will lift you up🔥🙌. You will feel an overpowering covering of love around you. And you will realise that God is all you need. He is enough. And before you know it, nothing else will matter once your heart and mind become covered in his grace. 

Why should you pray even when you don’t feel like it?

1. Prayer is much more than just words or requests made to God. Prayer affirms your faith. You may think ‘would me praying about this even make a difference’. I’ve thought this many times but I can tell you that even when I pray with little faith, there is always a shift in my situation. Sometimes immediately, sometimes hours, weeks or months later, but there always is. Pray even when you don’t feel like it.

2. You shift your battle from a physical one to a spiritual one. You give the holy spirit the go ahead to fight on your behalf and pull you into the victory which is yours in Christ Jesus. For our battles are against spiritual forces, not what we see. Think about it, why is it that illnesses are cured by prayer, financial crisis are broken by prayer, unforgiveness, even just a bad mood, stress, sleeplessness, even praying for and seeing an improvement in your relationships with the people in your life. That’s because all these things seem physical but they are really spiritual. And prayer attacks the root cause directly

  1. When you pray, you acknowledge the fact that you cannot accomplish or overcome in your own power. But through Christ who gives you strength. Even if that is all you can say, there is power in that. So you surrender and trust your journey with God, knowing that he is Intentional

This is something I constantly remind myself to do – Pray. Proverbs 31:25 says “She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come”. I pray this verse over every person reading this. We will laugh at the days to come because he is able. 



12 thoughts on “Praying Even When You Don’t Feel Like It. 

  1. Amen! How encouraging!! It’s so easy, like you said, to skip our prayer time in lieu of other things, but it’s so vitally important to our lives. It’s like the famous quote from Martin Luther, “I have so much to do that I shall spend the first three hours in prayer.” I wonder what our lives could look like if we took a similar attitude. Thanks for sharing! 😊

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    1. Thank you so much Sarah. The funny thing is, when I was writing this post, I myself was finding it difficult to pray. But I just listened to my favourite worship song and said “Lord give me strength and may your will be done, even as I’m lacking Words to pray what I really want to”. And that was enough to release my worry with time. It’s certainly and attitude to cultivate. 😊

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  2. Sometimes, I get carried away with challenges around me and find it difficult to say my prayers but whenever I think about it, I say to myself “if you can’t pray and trust in God, who else got you?” Prayer is the power of Christians. Thanks for sharing this.

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