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Make a Statement by Keeping It Simple – Hairstyle Inspiration

One of my dad’s favourite thing to say is “Keep it simple”. Although I was resistant to this phrase sometimes, I actually grew into a  less is more approach to my style, hair and makeup. But of cause some occasions just call for a full on one hundred and twenty percent SLAY 😂- You know when you just know you have to look like flames 🔥🔥. 

I’m currently in that phase where I don’t want to do much with my hair, but I still want a simple style to keep it protected. Every week I share some  Hair Inspiration and this week, I decided to share these minimal vibed hairstyles which still make a statement just by thier simplicity and uniqueness. My pick is @toboreoweh ‘s stunning afro cornrow hairstyle 💓. And if I had a TWA, I will totally do @fiiloe.vera ‘s cut!
1. Not-So-Basic Cornrows 

By @zamashozi, @choekitembo & @toboreoweh. I Still can’t get enough of @zamashozi’s style! Get more cornrow pattern ideas with beads and cowries from a previous post I did 👉 here

2. It’s all about the Cut

Where are my TWA queens! 👑 This one is for you. I think these two styles by @fiiloe.vera  & @shellymokoena are so stunning! Both cuts are edgy and certainly make a statement without them even trying too much. 

3. Simple and Elegant Does It 

Well, to be honest, my bantu knot outs are not that great😅, but I can do bantu knots as they are, without unravelling. I love this side bantu knot hairstyle by @heycurlie. It’s simple & elegant. The curls will be difficult for me to achieve, but if you’re skilled at this, please go for it! 

And ofcause, who doesn’t love a good crown braid? It always reminds me of a princess for some reason…and church 😁. @heycurlie we see you!

4. Bantu baby

I think bantu  knots are so under rated! I feel when I girl does bantu  knots and rocks them like that, she already looks stylish and bold. It’s a super easy hairstyle to do and you can style it up for church, the market, a wedding… I mean, anywhere really! Whether they are big like @quinaustina ‘s or small like @mbali_dhlamini_‘s or medium like @lionofjudahh ‘s a statement will be made. 

Keeping it simple is not so bad after all!

  • Joan 

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