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Seeking Public Validation Are We? 

If you don’t share it to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and WhatsApp, it never happened.  You never experienced that moment. Let’s have a heart to heart conversation on this matter.

 There is a clear line between sharing your life with the world and seeking validation from the world for your life. Lately I’ve been seeing more of the latter. Some people can cloud your timeline with reminders of just how good their job is, their relationship, marriage, house, children…the list, goes on. Somehow you know when one is simply sharing their life and when one is seeking notice. Not just relating to social media, but also just in daily living. 

Imagine this scenario: Me and You don’t really talk on a day to day basis.  But I’m cool with that, cause I know we regard each other from a distance silently, though we do not know each other personally. But when I run into you in public, you want me to salute you like we just relate on such a deep personal level? And then you get annoyed when I do not regard you highly in public. Let’s be real please.  The way I interact with someone I’m not close with in private is the exact same way I will approach them in public. While I am polite and friendly, I do not feed or fan anyone’s ego if they’re out to seek attention.

Attention seekers are everywhere!. Everything they do, they do it to gain validation, acceptance, popularity or even to spite you. Your validation is their source of pride.

Although pride is one of the many cracks in human nature, it can be suppressed by the filling of the holy spirit, instead of self. So because you’ve secured a new status in life – something with “high esteem”, you peer down at others like they’re beneath you, expecting them to regard you highly. Walking around with this arrogant pride. Seeking public validation. I tell you, all this is vanity. This esteem you view as all important is really nothing in the eyes of the one who actually holds us accountable for how we live. Treating people with genuine kindness and impartiality leaves more impact than being boastful and spiteful.

This quote is from my post ‘ How to Intentionally Grow In Life

At the end of the day, it’s not about how many people know your name or how many names you know. It’s about how many people are impacted by your acts of kindness, show of respect and value of integrity through it all. Seek wisdom from God to live a good fulfilled life, not validation from mere human beings. 

Here’s to living fulfilled lives,

Joan 💓


14 thoughts on “Seeking Public Validation Are We? 

  1. Ironically I wish I were more of a social media person instead of just glancing through and changing dp once in five years or so.
    That attitude doesn’t help me as a blogger at all but maybe I am on to a good thing 😀. It can be addictive when the spirit catches up with one.

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    1. Haha😂. I get you. Bloggers are in a league of their own😂. And sharing posts does help build traffic, but only to some extent. Cause friends or followers may have no interest in the kind if content that is shared. So we may be doing so in vain, if the audience is not interested. Striking the right balance between sharing stuff to engage people vs bombarding with hourly post shares is crucial to actually growing traffic😅. I’m learning bit by bit.


  2. Nice one. It is obvious that social media has become a place to share the world you wish you had. Only few people are actually trying to be themselves really! But it is such a pity for the people who hype themselves because they are just hurting themselves somemore. For the most part social media, instagram especially is 80% virtual world, 20% real world.

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    1. You are so right! Once you see beyond the filters of these hypers, you see a person trying to be validated. I laughed at your percentages there 😂. I’d say that’s some real statistic 🙌

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  3. Just what I needed to hear 🙂 I have been guilty of doing this in the past, but thankfully I’m realizing more and more what is important. Some of the best memories and moments I had were not captured on social media and I am glad they were not. This post definitely helped keep me in check 🙂 Thank you for your words of wisdom.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your experience😊 Queen. I think for me, having this blog has caused a massive increase in how much I use social media. So I’m constantly having to check in with myself that I’m not becoming obsessed about what people think of what I post. It helps me remain true to myself 😅.

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