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This Week In Style: Hilarious Parody of Celeb Pictures 

Fridays are for more laughter, more exciting plans and catching up on life 🙌. Before I share my actual true round up of This Week In Style, I just had to put before your screen this parody account I found on Instagram this morning. I mean, when you think you’ve seen enough interneting (Yes, this word exists. If you don’t believe me, google it😂. Oxford dictionary is just slow with updates😎), human beings go ahead to prove you so so wrong. Here’s something to kick off the weekend! I do not really follow celebrity related news, pictures or their lifestyle, but this certainly made an impression.

@mummyndioha created an Instagram account entirely dedicated to making parodies of iconic celebrity photos, mostly portraying outfits. She now has over 56.5k followers! 

No one is out of bounds for this lady, who just wants to give people something to smile at. Abit exaggerated, but that’s what parodies are I suppose😅.

 I say we need more humourous people on the internet to bring some sanity or insanity into our otherwise usual glammed up perfect pictures with perfect lives being portrayed across social media. I’m not saying go and do something drastic now 😂. Please, everything in moderation 👌. 

I thought I should share a light hearted post and spread some Friday positivity. It has been a deep week here. My favourite has got to be the Kendell Jenner on the horse parody😂. Which is your favourite? 
Happy Friday!

  • Joan 

2 thoughts on “This Week In Style: Hilarious Parody of Celeb Pictures 

  1. Hi Joan,

    I couldn’t stopped laughing, Mummy Ndioha is hilarious.

    I love how she take times to find the items she uses to replicate the garments. Her props are always so funny. That toy horse though! Her Rihanna under-boob tattoo is my favourite. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Nedoux, I’m glad you laughed like I did. I actually didn’t notice the under-boob tattoo till you pointed it out! So I “re-laughed” at it 😂. Do have a lovely week ahead!


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