Casual Outfits

Monochrome Synergy – Made in Cameroon 

An early post to kickoff the day! I pray my level of productivity will remain this high all day ohh😅.  I promised myself I’m going to keep being positive, no matter what, every single day. I smile because I know God is in control. Do you believe God is writing your story? #BestSellerLoading

Alright so, unto my outfit details. This chic agwada shirt was a gift from my elder sister, made by Cameroonian designer Amah Bertrand on Instagram as @amahfashionhouse . I love its traditional but modern appeal. I tried to take closer pictures, in case you may want to design something similar in future, and need a reference picture. 

I’m not a make-up guru 😅. So instead of attempting what I’m not yet skilled at, I always keep it simple and fresh😊.

I think I generally keep everything simple, including accessories. I say Less is more and my dad says keep it simple. I went with gold hoops. 

The skirt-shorts ( totally not sure what they’re called to be honest😅), was also a gift from my cousin – Branded as Forwear.

Lately I haven’t been doing much to my hair intentionally, I just want to let it be and show it some TLC for a while.💓

I think I wear these black sandals with almost everything 😂😂. I’m sure we all have that  One !

Here marks the end to your peep into my closet😏! Here are 2 other posts from this week, if you’ll like to peep some more (Yes, I am sliding in shutouts to my self😂).

How to Intentionally Grow in Life💪

The African Perception of a Healthy Weight 😀. 

 👑 – Joan 


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