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I Love my Natural Hair but – Shrinkage 

It so happens that most of my friends and my sisters keep natural hair. And whenever I ask “Are you loving the natural life?”, the response usually goes something like this ” I love my natural hair, but…”

There is no escaping shrinkage when you choose to become natural. I was once a shrinkage meme even 😂.

But think I have unconsciously tried to avoid styling my hair in it’s shrunken state at all cost through out my 4 years of being natural. This only dawned on me when I was going through old photos on my Instagram this week, and pictures don’t lie. 

I’ve literally styled my hair in a bun majority of the time. 

I even took the infamous bun to Miss Cameroon South Africa, competed in it and was later crowned in it! 

My sisters, Faith & Elma

So when I realised this, I did some introspection to pin point why I did not fully embrace my shrinkage.

1. New growth

My hair grows relatively quickly when treated right. I guess I felt styling my hair in any form other than stretched out, will be robbing me of total enjoyment of my growth. 

2. Unsure how to properly style 

I am not one of those natural hair gurus who can whip out the most amazing twist outs, Bantu know outs and have these glorious curls! I try but they don’t always come out great. So instead of looking like I got electrified, I’d rather stick to what I know – The bun. 

But there has been a reawakening my sistassss🙌🙌🙌 or brother😬. This past week I started properly caring for my hair again, after a brief period of neglect due to my hectic academic life. And I suddenly don’t really want to do only buns anymore. I actually really like how I look in my shrunken hair! I love it so much that I’ve actually worn a combed out afro all week. 

Shrinkage or no shrinkage, I love my natural hair, my crown of glory👑. In the upcoming weeks, I will share my new regime, hair care related posts and recipes for my hair concuctions! Tell me what you love about your natural hair! Let’s spread some hair love today 😄.

Xo Joan. 


41 thoughts on “I Love my Natural Hair but – Shrinkage 

  1. Gurl… you have a beautiful hair! Absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this heartwarming story too. For my hair, I love it because it is mine – like duhh. It is gorgeous and speaks me when it is sad or happy. High puff is also my favourite hair style because it is so easy to do!

    Oréoluwa’s blog

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  2. Your hair is too cute! I think we like to show how much hair we have because that’s society’s ideal, right? We all want a lot of hair or long hair, and for us naturals, a high bun really shows that no matter how much hair you have. I say wear it however you’d like, as long as you feel confident doing so 😉

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  3. Nahhh. Shrinkage is certainly not the one for me because shrinkage = tangling. It may look nice, but detangling is the worst part of the wash process for me (I don’t say wash day – I break into 2-3 days). So no, I don’t embrace shrinkage. Been years maybe, since I saw my hair in its shrunken state.

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  4. Great post, I can relate to this post, I used to blow dry my hair when I first transitioned to natural hair because I didn’t think short hair suited me (always had long hair), fast forward to now, I haven’t applied any heat styling tool to my hair for almost 8 months and I don’t miss it. Nowadays, I’m making a conscious decision of taking care of my hair better and my hair has really improved a lot. And yes the shrinkage is definitely real but you wear it really lovely 🙂

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    1. The most awesome thing is when you actually take time to care for your hair, and you reap great results. That’s encouraging for me and I’ll certainly keep trying my best to show my kinks some TLC. Thank you!😊👑💓

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    1. Hey Ijeoma! It must have been a big change for you hey😅. But concentrating on caring for your hair is the best decision and I’m sure sure with time, you will certainly style it up how you want 😊. The beauty of our hair is the versatility it brings. Thanks so much! 😄🙌🙌🙌


  5. Your natural hair is so beautiful. The easiest natural hairstyles for me include, afro, afropuff, Bantu knot, Bantu knot out, two strand twist, and updos…. Am so obsessed with my 4c hair, it has become a very important part of my life, no one can come between us.
    Am currently rocking a Bantu knot with cute headband on my forehead.
    Thanks for sharing.

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      1. Shea butter, coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, Vo5 or Vinoz hair conditioner, Africa’s best Organics hair mayonnaise, hair (weavon) gloss, beautiful textures curl control defining pudding for mixed textures (just started using that) and dudu osun.

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      2. Waow!! I’m just reading and already imagining going shopping for more hair products😂. I mostly only use raw Shea butter and the dark and lovely hair pudding. As a student I barely have time to pamper my hair, so I try to a castor oil treatment once a month. I wish we had more products here in SA, it’s abit hard to find products like the Jamaican black castor oil but hey, we make do with what we have😅

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      3. Online stores for natural haired products are only starting to enter the market now. It’s mostly personal branded mixes like whipped Shea butter or coconut oil. But I’m sure it’s out there. Just gotta look out for it an ask the right people.

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  6. Started my natural hair journey last year and now my hair its seriously shrinking and this post really encouraged me to just rock it!!!!!!

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