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First Blog Giveaway – Win 2 Tickets to the Natural Hair & Beauty Festival! 

I was so thrilled when the organisers of the Natural hair and Beauty Festival sponsored 2 Tickets to giveaway on my blog! The entry process is super simple, so stay put and start speaking these tickets into existence for you and a friend!
Firstly, what is the Natural hair and beauty Festival all about? I wrote a very detailed post about everything you need to know here. But in summary here’s the juicy  scoop on all you need to know about the event, in addition to the official poster below.

  • Performances from 4 National artists, local artists and poets🙌
  • A hair show and fashion show😱
  • Entertainment for the children🏃
  • Entertainment for the gentlemen💪

There will be vendors, loads of stalls displaying products and loads more entertainment lined up. Becoming Miss Cameroon South Africa 2016 enabled me to become an advocate for Social cohesion. Which is why I’m so excited about this event. I believe we need to spread a message of unity in diversity and bridge the gap of “differences” that society dictates. What better way to do it than celebrate diversity in Hair & Beauty? So I’m all in 🙌👑. 


  1. All you need to do is comment your email address on this post. That’s literally all.  My blog comments have to be approved by me before they can appear online. BUT I WILL NOT APPROVE ANY COMMENTS WITH YOUR EMAILS.  Therefore only I will see your email address. PLEASE NOTE, I WILL NOT SEND YOU ANY EMAILS, APART FROM THE WINNER.

  2. Tell a friend to comment their email address too🙌💪. It’ll increase your chance of winning for you both.

  3. You can comment as many times as you want but only once a day😏.

  4. The winner will be emailed on the 27March 2017 to obtain posting details. 

That’s it. Comment your emails away! Good luck and I hope to see you there!

  • Joan. 


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