This Week in Style

This Week In Style – Nudes, Colour Pop & Minimalists

Welcome to This Week In Style! This weekly feature of stylish everyday instagrammers, is aimed at answering the ancient question “What should I wear today, tomorrow, for that event!?”
We’re setting the weekend mood with @laperleocre ‘s  Classy nude ensemble🙌🙌🙌.

Gain outfit inspiration from every day humans who simply look great, every Friday on “This Week In Style”👑!

@snimhlng @laperleocre @__cocob Keeping it simple but colourful

While there are many fashion apps, pinterest etcs, sometimes I just can’t relate because it just seems like “Another fashion model”. But it’s cooler to see someone who’s consistent in their style and not just a once off outfit for a picture. Which is why I include  Instagram names, so that you may check out the accounts if you fancy thier style. Create your own looks, add outfits to your wardrope and get exactly what you need on that next shopping spree!
And here’s some Inspo for the minimalists in our midst.

@pamzokuhle , @mihlalii_n , @serwaa55 , @nwahh

See you next Friday for another round up of the week in style. If you know of a stylish Instagramer or are one and would love to be featured, please comment your/their Instagram names. Thank you💓

Xo – Joan 👑


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