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Mane Thursday -Cornrows with Cowries & Beads are Back!

When  I was younger, the most exciting part about doing my hair, was getting tonnes of beads added all over, till I looked like a Christmas tree! Infact, the more the better! And now, I see those same desires creeping back as beads are making a comeback in adult African Hair Styling.

@Kwenasays is dishing out serious inspiration with her creative hairstyles and beads to crown it all up! Hashtag, Amazing.


I actually feel our African hair is a canvas waiting to be beautified with Art. And @reapink did just that, with this colourful twist on the cornrow/beads trend.


Using beads and Cowries to decorate our hair is something that is actually historical. And so I guess it’s natural that I just vibe with all these hairstyles ! It makes me think about how simple hair care used to be, before the industry became revolutionized and we were bombarded with products and extensions unending! Which is not bad. Growth is good, so long as you never forget where you started from.

@nwahh , @aquamelow @yoliswa_xo keeping it fresh and classy.


In countries like Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and most African countries actually, women used to wrap their hair with thread or cornrows and decorate it with cowries. I remember doing those kinds of hairstyles with thread for my grandmother.  These cornrows by @imanimoon , @crowezilla are for the more adventurous – Yet still simple and beautiful.


I hope these throwback hairstyles are back to stay! Infact there are many throwback styles I will love to see back, but that’s a story for another day. Let’s take it back to the origin.

It’s a wrap – Until next Thursday.

xo – Joan. 


9 thoughts on “Mane Thursday -Cornrows with Cowries & Beads are Back!

    1. It gives like these retro ethnic vibes. Reminds me of my grandmum to be honest, every time I see it on people 😂😂. But I quite fancy it too and I think I’ll rock up the courage to give it a try sometime soon. 😊


  1. Joan, great article. As a little girl, I always loved jewelry or hairstyles that incorporated Cowrie shells. Even tho I am not of African ancestry, I love the look of fancy cornrowed hair, and yes with lots of beads. Some stylists are so creative and come up with fascinating hairstyles with microbraiding. And yes, sometimes retro anything can be just what the doctor ordered.

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