Church Outfits

Mismatched Synergy

It was such a blessing to be in God’s presence this morning and I’m glad I wore something bright to contrast the gloomy day. 

Sometimes mismatched patterns actually work well together in a weird way.

I havnt experimented much with that, but maybe I should. The top was made for me by a tailor back home in Bamenda, Cameroon, and the Skirt is a gift from my sweetest most amazing cousin. The shoes are black Guess Sandals which were bought while I was back home end of last year. 

You will come to find that I don’t own a lot of clothes from well known shops here in South Africa like Mr price, Fashion Express etcs ( for my South African readers). So let me apologise in advance if you come to find out questions like “Where is it from” or “How much”. 

My clothes are a combination of tailored clothes, thrifts and gifts from my parents’ travels. So I can mostly just hopefully give some outfit inspiration for you to recreate your own looks 😊.

P.s I’m so glad to have my natural hair back. 

I’m taking a short break from protective hairstyles. With time I’ll share my full length, regime ( which I don’t quite have to be honest😂) and favourite products.
Till later, ❤


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