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Are Cameroonian Celebs Ignoring the Situation in Southern Cameroon?

I like how most Cameroonian celebs have just shut their mouths about the situation in Southern Cameroon. Zero use for all that fame. Pathetic? . I’m not saying it’s thier business to transform into peace markers, but when the roof of your brothers house is burning and you have voice in your lungs to call for help, surely you will use that voice to shout out for help. Fame can be used to draw mass attention to societal problems, not to mention in your own home country. Why do I even say ‘home country’. Many are based abroad and just come home for events and concerts. So if this thing is not biting them, why should they care right?

@Jovi & @Reniss

No real words of IMPACT  from our Jovi, Reniss,  Sandra Fon Dufe, Stanley Snow, Daphne, just to name a few. What is going on? I remember the “Na Bafut we di go” concert planned during the festive period in Bamenda with most Cameroonian artists coming to perform. Surely they saw the situation in Bamenda. 



Then how can no words be said after that? So it’s just business affairs and that’s all. However, I was delighted to read from Ambe, who came out strongly against the internet being cut off and other forms of marginalisation in our home. 

I want to appeal to all Cameroonian artists, celebs and personalities to rethink about keeping silent about the ongoing tensions in the Southern region of Cameroon. 


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