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Xenophobic messages threatening foreigners & March against illegal immigrants – Currently, in South Africa

So I woke up this morning to a chilling message being circulated on WhatsApp promoting Anti-foreigner actions in the city of Johannesburg and Pretoria. 

Infact if you search “Xenophobia in South Africa”, google actually  auto completes it for you, suggesting the year…because they’re just so many! So it goes ” 2008, 2015, 2016 and now 2017. If that does not make you feel sad, then I wonder how much humanity we have left in this world. 
A ‘peaceful’ march was planned to protest against illegal immigrants in South Africa in Pretoria today. This is how ‘Peaceful’ intentions begin and erupt into full blown attacks on foreigners living in South Africa. ‘Peaceful marchers’, foreigners and police clashed today in Atteridgewile, Pretoria. And police dispersed the growing tensions with rubber bullets. What a peaceful March indeed. The images below are from BBC Africa, reporting the events that unfolded today in Pretoria.

BBC Africa images 

BBC Africa images

BBC Africa images 

Over the years, the government has been slow to crack down on Xenophobic activities, often dismissing it exists until things go south and lives are lost. But, what makes you think these foreigners WANT to stay in South Africa. What if they NEED to? You don’t know what took them out of their home and into yours. You don’t know how hard they work to make ends meet, most of the times we foreigners have to work twice as hard to get ahead in South Africa. YOU DON’T KNOW OUR STORY. 

My village, Oshie, in Bamenda, Cameroon is known for it’s hospitality. There is no home you will visit and not be fed to your satisfaction. Hospitality is what I know. I pray for the spirit of hospitality to capture the hearts of the minority of South Africans perpetuating hate actions against foreigners. I stand against Xenophobia.


6 thoughts on “Xenophobic messages threatening foreigners & March against illegal immigrants – Currently, in South Africa

  1. Really it’s appalling reading about this recent headlines.. I even saw videos of how locals were stabbing foreigners. It has specifically been more of a clash between Nigerians and SouthAfricans. The level.of hate in the heart of these people is just appalling… South Africa currently, is a disappointment. A big one. They forget that many stood by them and even sheltered them during their struggle.

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    1. Right! I mean can you imagine what must be going through the mind of a person to actually kill another because they’re advancing in a nation not their home. The sad thing is that the government turns a blind eye till international organisations throw warnings or people get killed. This is the sad reality we live in😞. Thanks for your input Misggrace 😊❤

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      1. Honestly, I am beginning to think that the government support this killings… of course they would come out to act as though they condemn it.. but we have seen this being repeated over and over.. and he would only speak up because it feels pressure to do so from international bodies… Mean while, what resolution have ‘foreigners’ reached at this point… are they going to fold their arms or turn a blind eye while they get killed?


  2. Literally since 2008, infact even before then, this has been happening. Well today for the first time in pretoria foreigners actually arrived at the march, some with “weapons” ready to do a comeback protest. But I mean I think there is a real fear of getting killed because in SA, the value of life is cheap and as a foreigner if you get killed, who knows if your murderer will even make it to court? Due to the harshness of apartheid, they have become desensitized to violence in a way. So what can one really do but keep safe. It’s a tough one


  3. Honestly! I would love to visit South Africa one day, but the xenophobia gives me pause, Especially as a Nigerian.
    I wonder what Mandela would have thought of all this. It’s a bit of a let down of his legacy.
    Oh! You are the second woman from Cameroon I know. I have never met the first person physically but I call her friend. She blogs at I have been able to see Cameroon through her eyes and know a bit about the food.

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    1. Hey Bisola! You know, it really baffles me how these xenophobic attacks happen every single year. And Nigerians are targeted more than other nationals. It’s just s minority of the population that actually act on their dislike for foreigners, but as a foreigner I would say I still sense a general unwelcoming vibe, especially in the region I’m in. But in Capetown I here it’s like a totally different country where everyone does feel welcomed. Thanks so much for commenting the Cameroonian’s bloggers URL. I’ve been trying to find some to connect with. And you’re right hey, I don’t know why Cameroonians are so scarce 😂😂😂. Most times I’m the first Cameroonian people have met, when I introduce myself. I hope to visit Nigeria someday 😊

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