Church Outfits

Orange is the new Black

Because Orange is the new black?

Well, I’ve always been black, but I do fancy orange

A cold gloomy Sunday does not call for a dull outfit! Quite the contrary actually. This outfit was designed in Bamenda, Cameroon when I was back home for holidays.


At the end of every year, my mom always announces that I do not have enough “Lady Clothes”. She then proceeds to let me choose which materials I like and whatever outfit design I desire and gets them tailor made. How amazing? She’s extra like that! I hope I will be half as amazing as my mother.

This is officially my first blog post! Yay! I decided to start off on a chilled note but things are about to get hot in here! If you’re interested in finding out more about me or what this blog is about, push that “About” button. And I’ll see you around yeah?


The Curly Christian Girl


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