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Is Watching and Adouring Promiscuous TV Shows a Sin?

So there I was, trying to understand all the hype about Scandal and Empire. I thought, well since no one will stop talking about Olivia Pope and the Lyon family, I need to seriously check them out – otherwise I’ll be missing out on potentially life changing TV shows. Second to Tom & Jerry of cause.

First came season 1 episode 1 of Scandal and I thought my goodness, when I grow up, I want to be Olivia Pope! Let’s just say by the end of season 1 , I wanted no part of her persona and completely stopped watching all together. The same happened with Empire. The rush of excitement and such thrill, marvelling at what others deamed as cool faded out as quickly as it came.

Why did I stop watching? Well let me start off by saying this post is not intended to pick on Scandal, Empire or any other promiscuous series out there ( these are just the two I know) . Rather, it is solely for the purpose of addressing

  1. The motive behind watching promiscuous shows on TV as a follower of Christ

  2. What it does to us internally

  3. Does it equate to sexual immortality

At the end of the day, I don’t hold your TV remote or laptop so go ahead and watch what you want. Alright so now that that’s out of the way, let’s get deep into this matter.

So, what does google say sexual immorality is? ” The evil ascribed to sexual acts that violate social conventions”. Acts? Social Conventions? These are the words that mislead Christians all over the world who hide behind computers or lust over a co-worker all the while convincing themselves that they have not sinned because they haven’t done the “Act”. You look around at other friends goshing over promiscuous shows and think, well I wouldn’t want to be the socially unconventional one, so let me just watch on and join the hype!

P.s, This is what you look like, running to join the hype.

What is your motive for watching such shows? Is it just for the mystery or is it for those steamy scenes? And if it is just for those steamy scenes, why do you stop there? Why don’t you just sign up membership on a porn site? What, now that seems abit much and you couldn’t possibly do that? Because porn is socially unacceptable and Promiscuous TV shows are the norm?

What happens when you watch promiscuous shows is that you begin to feed your flesh over your spirit.

Galatians 5:17

All of a sudden you begin to desire what you see and mentally you will be drawn to lust. These series characters will become like idols you marvel over and you will want the worldly things what they have (Power, money, sex, influence even “love”). 1 John 2:16 says

So now you are wrestling with your flesh and spirit. You vibe that something is not right. I’m I glorifying God in watching this? Maybe I should stop after the next 5 episodes. But I mean I’m I really sinning by watching this?
Matthew 5:28

While the bible has many references to sexual immortality being actual ACTS ( adultery, promiscuity, fornication), it also clearly points out that a sinful thought counts as much as the act itself. “Anyone who looks”. “Looks”, referring to the eyes.

We use our eyes to see. Now you may be thinking seeing on a screen is different from seeing in real life. But now you need to understand the context of this scripture. There were no TVs or Laptops at the time. All that could be seen was actually real. But in our times, there’s loads to see that are not real but still cause lust. Both men & women lust, not just men. It’s just that women are somehow symbolic of earthly pleasures. Maybe that’s due to Eve falling prey to earthly pleasures first. She “Saw” the fruit and she “desired” it. Now look at what looking at the wrong things led to. Seeing leads to temptation.

You allowing your flesh to glorify sinful acts is just as bad as committing the act itself. Now you may say well what about movies that show people being killed and you support the hero who killed like 200 men in the movie. Well, let me ask you, do you feel like going outside to kill 200 men after that movie? I hope not. God warned about sexual sin from Genesis to revelations because he knows our flesh is very weak when it comes to lust. It is easy to lust, just by watching, even innocently.
So what are we to do in a world were every second show is promiscuous?

2 Timothy 2:22

Galatians 5:16

When you walk by the spirit, you will know when “that” show is not what you should be watching and you will  push the stop button and watch something else. The spirit leads us and burdens our hearts when we are sinning. Do not ignore what you know is true.

Let me let that marinade.

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Love, The Curly Christian Girl.


4 thoughts on “Is Watching and Adouring Promiscuous TV Shows a Sin?

    1. I started watching cause of all the Buuhaha about it too! Thank you Ihuoma 😊🌻❤. I guess we just have to really tune into the holy spirit to help us discern cause these days it’s so easy to fall into temptation as things that are not right are wrapped up in pretty packages.

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